4 Ways to Stay Motivated to Work Out

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We’ve all been there—a few weeks into January and our motivation to exercise is slowly fizzling out. For those of us in colder climates, it’s even harder to stay on track. Cuddling up on the couch on a cold day is so much easier to do than hauling over to the gym to get your workout in. I’ve been working out regularly for the last five years or so, and I still find it hard to stick to my fitness routine! Over the years, I’ve realized that there are a few things that keep me motivated. Hopefully, they work for you too.

1. Get a workout buddy

Nothing makes me feel worse than bailing on a friend I planned a workout with. Even if I REALLY don’t want to go, if the plans are set, chances are I’m showing up. My friend Jen is my go-to workout buddy, and we often share our class schedule at the beginning of every week to see where we can work out together. I recommend either bringing a friend along to your workout, or start making friends at your gym to hold you accountable when you don’t show up. Works like a charm.

2. Switch things up

Don’t do the same thing every. single. day. You’ll get bored quickly and it will be easier to skip out altogether. I try to keep things interesting by doing 2-3 different workouts per week. One day I’ll spin, the other I’ll do circuit training, another day I’ll do yoga or pilates. Changing things up is not only good for you mentally, but also good for your body. The more you switch things up in your fitness regimen, the better results you’ll see.

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