The 10 Most Awesome College Gyms

6.  University of Denver—Denver, Colorado 

Setting University of Denver apart from the other college fitness centers are its ice rinks.  Unlike the typical Pilates class or 45-minute workout on the elliptical, at University of Denver students can exercise with a few laps skating around the multiple NHL-sized indoor rinks, or a pick-up game of hockey with friends.  Either way, it’s a cool way to stay fit and have fun.  
If skating starts to get a little old for you, there are still a wide variety of activities to help stay in shape.  There is an Olympic-sized pool, six tennis courts, and different ‘zones’ of workout space, including stretching, circuit training, strength training, cardio training, and core/functional fitness.  With so much to do, it’s hard to get bored when working out at University of Denver. 

7.  Evergreen State College—Olympia, Washington

Evergreen State College is a hiker’s heaven.  While the College Recreation Center does offer typical indoor activities like aerobics, the university specializes in hiking.  Known for having some of the best hiking trails in the Northwest, Evergreen provides students with the opportunity to explore nature and trek through picturesque trails… all on their way to class.  
Because Washington tends to experience rain quite often, the university has installed a weatherproof cover over the Pavilion.  Rain or shine students have the opportunity to get out on the field for a pick-me-up game of soccer, football, or lacrosse.  
8.  New York University—New York, New York

Even with limited real estate in the Big Apple, NYU’s gym still manages to encompass 142,000-square-feet.  The University’s fitness center is laid out in a unique way; the facility is five levels high, with each floor featuring a different workout technique.  On the roof alone, students enjoy batting cages, tennis courts, and a track for jogging. The aquatics level features a 6-lane pool, a diving area with multiple diving boards, and a sauna to sit back and relax in.  The fitness center also has a fencing facility, something uncommon for college gyms.  Other floors contain a wrestling room, racquetball courts, 1,000-square-foot bouldering walls to climb, and multi-purpose court. 
“NYU offers a huge range of classes including everything from boot camp to ballet,” said Hannah Orenstein, a freshman at NYU and Her Campus writer. 
The university’s gym offers a different activity for every student, so there’s always something for collegiettes™ to do. 
9. University of South Carolina—Columbia, South Carolina

USC is a school known for its athletics, but its fitness center is not exclusive to athletes.  The Strom Thurmond Wellness & Fitness Center has a seemingly endless amount of amenities for students to take advantage of.  Indoors, the facility features five basketball and volleyball courts, five racquetball courts, a squash court, a soccer and floor hockey court, and a jogging track.  In addition to all those amenities, there’s also over 80 pieces of cardio equipment and 160 weight-training stations—not to mention the 52-foot-tall climbing wall, swimming pool, spa, and sauna.  And that’s only the inside. The fitness center also incorporates several outdoors activities and sponsors intramural sports. At USC, there’s something for everyone, no matter how athletically inclined (or not) you are.  
10.  Northwestern University—Evanston, Illinois 

Northwestern’s fitness center doesn’t draw students in with amenities alone.  While the university gym does feature basketball, racquetball, tennis, and volleyball courts, it goes an extra step forward offering a wide range of classes to its health-driven student body.  Through kickboxing, water Pilates, yoga, and Pilates, Northwestern students always find a way to exercise together.  However, the fitness center also offers an educational route for students seeking more information on diet and nutrition.  Food and health seminars are held each month to teach students about popular food topics.  From how to enjoy holiday meals without added pounds, or the science behind different diet trends, Northwestern brings relevant health education to average gym experience. 
Kali Grant, a junior at OSU
Vanessa Meuir, a senior at University of Missouri
Rebecca Lew, a senior at UC Irvine
Hannah Orenstein, a freshman at NYU