I Wore The Same Shirt Every Day for a Week & It Actually Got Me Out of My Style Rut

For ages, I followed this thing I dubbed 'the two-week rule.' It meant that no outfit in my closet could be worn twice within two weeks; its purpose to ensure that nobody ever remembered me wearing the same lewk. Upon stumbling across this Man Repeller article last year, I was inspired to change my stubborn ways. Over the past year, I've dared to rewear with reckless abandon. And let me tell ya, it's been great. 

Every year in this strange transition between my winter and spring wardrobes I get stuck in a style rut. Every morning I throw open my curtains to see the sun shining and race to my closet in hopes of creating the perfect spring outfit. Ten minutes later and a trail of clothes is scattered from my closet to my mirror, like victims of the war between 50-degree weather and me. Out of ideas and in desperate need of morning coffee, I don the same oversized band-tee and boyfriend denim outfit of defeat. 

To break out of my annual style rut, I thought I'd follow the guidance of my internet style gurus at Man Repeller and see if I could wear the same look for a week straight. I set out to spark some inspiration to my lackluster transitional style and get to know my closet a bit better before the warm weather really hits. The culprit: the greatest $20 purchase I've possibly ever made, this striped Everlane tee. It's lightweight and uber soft but still looks polished thanks to its mini stripes. The sleeves are a flattering cut and length is sublime. I could rave all day about Everlane's tees, but I digress — let's get started, shall we?


  1. 1. Monday

    Pictured above: thrifted Sandro wool coat, Everlane Box Cut Tee, Aritzia trousers, Fila sneakers, Aritzia beanie

    Starting the week, I was feeling adventurous. I love mixing prints together so I thought I'd give it a shot. This plaid coat has been my go-to on colder days in Manhattan, so it felt like an obvious choice. Pairing it with black trousers and white sneakers made it casual enough for my Monday mood. 

  2. 2. Tuesday

    Pictured above: Everlane Box Cut Tee, Frame denim, thrifted Doc Marten's Jadon boots, Madewell sunglasses, thrifted chain belt

    This outfit felt like very me, like a cooler version of my cherished jeans and tee combo. At first, I felt bored in my usual look, but adding a healthy dose of accessories did the trick. The chain belt, sunnies and chunky Docs gave it that grungy 90's vibe I've been digging. 

  3. 3. Wednesday

    Pictured above: A New Day Wool Coat, Everlane Box Cut Tee, thrifted Levi's denim, thrifted Urban Outfitters belt bag, thrifted Topshop boots

    For the rest of the week, I intern in the fashion closet at Modern Luxury, a media company based here in Manhattan. Today, I was assisting on set at an editorial shoot for an upcoming issue and needed a throw on and go outfit after hitting snooze too many times this morning. The camel coat and basic black denim felt comfortable yet C-H-I-C! After a twelve-hour-day on set, I was grateful for my practical outfit choice. 

  4. 4. Thursday

    Pictured above: thrifted denim shirt, Everlane Box Cut TeeWilfred Tie-Front TrousersTUK Viva Mondo Creepers, Amazon velvet headband

    Four days of horizontal stripes later, I loathed my once-loved tee. I hoped a mid-week wash would change my mind, but it still felt like a better smelling version of the same old striped tee. I spent most of the day with my denim shirt buttoned up so the stripes only peaked out the top. After work, I popped it open for a fun, bar-friendly look to watch some March Madness. 

  5. 5. Friday

    Pictured above: Everlane Box Cut Tee, Free People overalls, Wild Fable hair clips, Vanessa Mooney and Mejuri hoops

    This hair clip was a Friday mood! I swear by using pomade to get the perfect slick low pony. I think a sleek hair look balances out more laid back looks. I woke up feeling re-inspired to pull together something fun. These overalls are one of those 'I love them but rarely wear them' pieces, so I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly I reached for them. Their pop of color felt fresh after yesterday's neutral palette.  

  6. 6. Saturday

    Pictured above: Everlane Box Cut Tee, Mother Super Swooner Jeans, Vagabond Olivia Boots

    I spent most of my day running errands in my striped tee and favorite yoga pants. Come five o'clock, I swapped my stretch pants for skinny jeans for a night of basketball and drinks with the girls. High-quality denim is an essential splurge to me and this outfit reminded me of the power of a great fitting pair of jeans. A simple knot to crop the tee helped define my waist and show a little pop of skin. 

  7. 7. Sunday

    Pictured above: thrifted Gap denim vest, Everlane Box Cut Tee, Zara midi skirt, Vagabond Grace Boots

    I wanted to cap off the week with an outfit that pushed me out of my comfort zone. Living in NYC means the most of my wardrobe is a dreary shade of black or grey. This neon midi pushed me far out of my norm. Throwing on my oversized denim vest kept the look on the more casual size. 

On Monday, I felt strange without the familiarity of my horizontal stripes. After a whole week, I had grown quite fond of them and it was hard to part ways. I felt excited by all of the non-striped outfit possibilities my closet possessed. Each day had proved its own unique challenge of making something old feel new again. If the past week taught me anything, it's that being caught in the same outfit twice isn't such a bad thing. It can take a bit of experimentation to get comfortable with your wardrobe. Rewearing an item can help you maximize the potential of some of your favorite pieces. So, say goodbye to your own strict fashion rules and break out of your closet comfort zones. Trust me, it's worth a try. 

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