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Here’s What Your Zodiac Sign Says About Your Personal Style

Having a unique sense of style and developing your fashion sense feels exciting, but realizing that certain elements of your personality (and your sun sign) drive and influence your personal style is even cooler. Everyone’s zodiac sign brings about a unique set of key traits and characteristics of their personality, and their personality, in turn, contributes to the development of their personal style. Your zodiac sign might be able to explain the pieces of clothing you love, and even why you style your outfits in a certain way every morning.

When you consider that you have something in common with others of the same zodiac sign, it’s fun to branch out and discover more pieces, styles and colors that will work with what you already know and love. Your personality affects the choices you make and the pieces of fashion you’re passionate about. Sometimes, just seeing your style reflected by components highlighted in your zodiac sign can help you figure out just the thing to add to your wardrobe, whether it’s a comfy basic tee or a classic pair of stilettos.

While every person under a certain star sign is very unique, there are some commonalities that lead to the horoscope predictions and the fun personality quizzes we love. So, we’ve put together a list of what your zodiac sign says about your personal style. Use it to discover some new clothing choices that reflect your personality, and it will be a cohesive addition to what you already own and love.




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Aries are typically eager, quick, competitive and dynamic. Their style has layers and is more complex than first meets the eye. Most importantly, an Aries is always on the go, and her wardrobe is composed of pieces that can transition from professional daytime looks to fun nighttime styles.

Aries blend together a variety of pieces, textures, and styles that can be layered, quickly dressed up or down, and accessorized to fit with their fast-paced, busy schedules.




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Since Tauruses are often dependable and strong, they value quality clothing and selectively curate their wardrobe to contain only pieces they truly love. However, they are also sensual and creative, so their clothing is always comfortable.

A Taurus isn’t afraid to add a bold pop of color to a neutral outfit, or add vibrancy with accessories, but usually, you can expect an understated, subtle style.




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With the Gemini sun sign usually comes a sense of versatility and expressiveness. People in this sign express themselves using their clothing, and often make bold fashion choices to symbolize elements of their personalities.

Geminis are curious and smart, so they’re always asked for advice about a pair of heels or a top (and they aren’t afraid to ask others the same questions when they spot a piece they like). They often wear staple pieces but combine them for versatile, fresh takes on looks they enjoy.




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Intuitive, sentimental, compassionate, and always ~in our feels~, Cancers love polished, elegant looks that are still attainable and wearable. They're always taking basic, every day, or classic pieces and elevating them to create more luxurious outfits.

They also encourage others to embrace their own personal styles. They’re always generous with compliments and are quick to let someone know when their outfit is amazing.




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The outgoing and self-assured members of the Leo sign are fashion risk-takers. Since Leos can be fiery and dramatic, they are bound to make bold choices and don’t normally follow fashion trends. They create their own unique style complete with fresh details and bright color pairings.




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Virgo style reflects how practical and analytical they can be. Functional, wearable clothing in a cohesive color palette floods their wardrobes. However, they are also gentle and loyal, so their favorite pieces blend together seamlessly. They can make a wearable outfit out of whatever they find in their closets.




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Libras are fair-minded, social, diplomatic, and gracious. When composing a sense of style, a Libra tends to be conscious of where her clothing comes from, what it’s made of, and whether or not it was ethically produced. Libras care about fabrics and go for quality over quantity, especially tending towards lush, luxurious fabrics like silk. However, they also love to add edgy details to outfits, particularly within their choices for accessories.

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Resourceful as can be, if a Scorpio loves an item, they will get it in every color they can. They are passionate, stubborn, and brave, and will re-wear the same outfit again and again — but always receive a reaction from others because they curate their outfits so beautifully.

Scorpios are also fiercely loyal to the brands they love, willing to shop at the same store for years once they fall in love with it.




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Extroverted, funny, generous and optimistic, a Sagittarius will always go for gorgeous, feminine silhouettes. From dresses to flowy off-the-shoulder tops, they love polished pieces. They’re known to pair colors seamlessly, and can easily create an effortlessly put-together outfit using pieces that are typically more casual.




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Capricorns are serious and disciplined, but they love classic pieces that can evolve with modern trends. They enjoy styles that are sophisticated, but still comfortable and easy to wear. Since Capricorns are also responsible and independent, they love to take basic pieces and make them fit what they’re looking to style.




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Imaginative and original, an Aquarius blends prints and colors. They are never afraid to try something new, and they prefer to pave their own path of style rather than adhering to “fashion rules.” Their passion for creating unique styles makes them popular—oftentimes, these styles catch on among their friends, family, and social media followers, becoming their own version of a trend.




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Pisces are affectionate, empathetic, wise, and artistic. They shop at unique, eclectic stores and small boutiques, supporting small designers and artists whenever they can. For this reason, their closet is filled with one-of-a-kind fashion pieces.

A Pisces also goes with the flow, adding whimsical flair to her outfit, easily pairing unique pieces, always free-spirited and never over-the-top.  

No matter what your sun sign is, it adds key elements to your personality and influences your personal style from the colors you wear to the styles you love. Try something bold while staying comfortable and true-to-yourself, and enjoy experimenting with fashion choices as a way to express your personality.

Kaitlin is an English major at Towson University, a business owner at Palm and Pearl Boutique, and a blogger over at The Curious Lemon. She's a writer and editor who first joined the Her Campus team as an Editorial Intern and now writes for the beauty, wellness, and career sections most often. She is currently the beauty section Features Editor. Kaitlin will never turn down a beach trip, ice cream, or the chance to pet a dog. She's an Enneagram 2w1 (or 2w3, depending on the day). Come hang out on Instagram @kaitlinmarks
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