Paris Jackson Left a Dior Cruise Show to Protest Animal Cruelty & We'd Probably Do The Same

On Friday, Dior presented its spring/summer 2019 Cruise Collection in Paris and its rodeo-themed show was set to empower women by showcasing Escaramuzas, or female rodeo riders, on the backs of white horses in billowing dresses. However, not everyone was impressed by the spectacle. Contrary to other headlines that reported Paris Jackson was "enraged" by the Dior Cruise show, Jackson calmly left the show to protest animal cruelty—and honestly, we get it. 

According to Teen Vogue, Paris Jackson arrived at the event eager to see the show. (Because who wouldn't be excited just to be in the building next to a Dior fashion show?) Nevertheless, Jackson's equine obsession made her especially invested in this event, and, ultimately, it made her dip early.


left early n did this

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Jackson tells Women’s Wear Daily, “I love horses so much. I’m ecstatic.” But her mood quickly changed when she saw how the horses were being treated.

When she saw the animals being used as props, she quickly got up and left the show. In response to reports that she “stormed out” of the show, Paris tweeted that she “quietly got up” and “tried [her] hardest not to cause a scene.”

She continued by saying that she was “taken by surprise and a little heartbroken” at the treatment of the animals, and is completely against animals being “branded and whipped.” TBH, we're not sure how Jackson ~didn't~ storm out and cause a scene because physically harming an animal is unacceptable. 

Paris Jackson’s early departure from the show will help draw some much-needed attention to the rampant mistreatment of animals in the fashion industry. Hopefully, in the future, others like her will help lead the way to a cruelty-free industry. Or better, yet a cruelty-free world, but that might be wishful thinking.