How to Wear a Chambray: 20 Ways

8. Layer up

Since layering is always a style do (unless you’re treading through the Sahara desert), don a cozy sweater over your chambray! The preppy look is all the rage among fashion’s finest; however, incorporating your chambray will set you apart from the rest.  If you want this part of your getup to stand out, pair your top with simple skinny jeans and ballet flats.

9. Throw on a vest 

Speaking of layering, a cool outfit can be as easy as styling your chambray with a vest. Whether you throw on a puffer vest or a faux fur one, this edgy ensemble is too cool to resist. Keep the rest of your ensemble simple by adding a pair of jeans and tall boots.

10. Bring on the graphics

If you’re not a fan of patterned jeans, but still want to add a fun print to your outfit, pair your chambray with a graphic tee. When Avianne Tan, a sophomore at NYU and HC Contributing Writer, pairs her chambray with a graphic tank, she loves to spice up her ensemble with some stellar accessories. “I add a cute messy bun or colorful necklace for a quirky, yet comfy look,” says Avianne. Creative and comfy? We approve!

11. A midsummer’s jacket

If it’s too hot for a normal coat, yet too cold to ditch the jacket altogether, keep warm with a chambray. Whether you’re sporting a sundress or a romper, using the denim top as a jacket will give any ensemble a casual twist.

12. Cozy up with leggings

Calling all lazy girls: it’s time to celebrate! Give your casual ensemble a stylish kick with this denim staple. “I like to wear mine with a white tank top, black leggings and boots,” says Alicia Thomas, a sophomore at Penn State and HC’s Career Editor. “It’s comfy and practical, but still really cute!” Though this trend is super cozy, make sure you sport opaque tights and shirt that covers your butt. As much as we love a comfortable ensemble, you should always keep it classy! With those style guidelines in mind, this look will make the perfect study attire.

13. Turn an oversized chambray into a dress

For an easy outfit, steal your tall boyfriend’s shirt (it’s a unisex piece for a reason) or buy a really large one yourself. It’s the perfect way to score that “just threw on my boyfriend’s shirt” look without necessarily having a boyfriend. Give this outfit a feminine touch with a pair of wedges. Just remember to belt your chambray—you don’t want to look like you’re sporting a denim garbage bag!

14. Internship-ready with a pencil skirt

When styled correctly, you can wear your chambray to your internship. Though the denim top may scream “too cool for the office,” pairing it with a tailored pencil skirt offers a polished twist. Unfortunately, this look isn’t appropriate for all internships. To avoid a major intern faux pas, we suggest that you wear this ensemble to a more creative internship—you probably won’t receive fashion kudos if you wear this look at a finance company. Complete your intern uniform with comfortable heels and a statement necklace. Can we say “new-age Mad Men?”