I Need to Talk About Why Mom Jeans Are The Literal Love Of My Life

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So, I am a little obsessed with fashion. Just a little. I take a lot of my inspiration from popular trends in South Korea and Japan and mix it with certain styles popular in L.A, and there is a certain item that, in my opinion, is slept on in college fashion. Mom jeans.

Why mom jeans?



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Mom jeans are high waisted and loose fitted in the legs and hips and are not as form fitting as other styles of jeans. A lot of people avoid this style, but this denim needs to be appreciated more. Why? They are so comfortable, like your legs can breathe and mobility is absolutely amazing. Plus, high waisted jeans are a blessing, especially for women who are on the more curvaceous side.

So, bringing this particular item into a wardrobe raises some questions. How to wear it? How to make it show a feminine figure? Well since these jeans are loose fitted, in order to provide a sense of shape to your figure, you can tuck your shirt in (either half tuck or full tuck) or you can wear a crop top. Doing this brings the eye to the waist and makes a person seem slimmer in the waist and, with the loose pant legs, wider in the hips. You can also add a thick belt and cinch in the waist to make yourself look smaller.  Distressed and ripped legs are also a creative way to make them pop in contrast to the loose fit.

And there's an added bonus.



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Ever put on a couple pounds over a few months and then can’t fit into your skinny jeans? Well, mom jeans are your bloated stomach's best friend. The loose fit allows you to breathe after eating a large number 2 from Chick-fil-A (with a lemonade). Plus, if they are too big, just belt the waist tighter and live the wide pant leg life.

While skinny jeans have been the style that has been worn mostly during the past few years, loose fitting jeans allow for something to happen that skinny jeans don’t, being able to wear leggings underneath your jeans when it gets cold in the winter. Now that is a blessing! You'll certainly appreciate the double layering of warmth that can only be accomplished with baggy pants. No one will know you're layered up, and you can enjoy the warmth while being able to still move around like a normal person.

So, mom jeans are great. They need to be appreciated a lot more and be worn by all people. You can stretch and your legs can breathe. That is truly a blessing in our skinny jean driven world. Y’all should definitely invest in a pair.

In all honesty though, while my passion for mom jeans is endless (I would absolutely wear them at my funeral), everyone has their own sense of style and can wear whatever fashion item that makes them feel comfortable. I really just want to encourage people to perhaps branch out and try different styles of clothing that they might have ignored without ever giving them a chance.

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