Future Style Icon: Davina Leone

With strong vocals and powerful messages, Davina Leone has definitely been turning some heads. The twenty year old up and coming singer is not only responsible for writing some of the beautiful lyrics in her “Awake” album (now available on iTunes) but has recently embarked on another passion of hers: an anti-bullying campaign.

Just like her music, Leone’s fashion is all about switching things up. She likes to experiment with different styles depending on how she’s feeling or what music video is being shot. “Some days I want a hipster look, others a grunge look, and others a bright preppy look,” she tells Her Campus. “I think it's important to dress whichever way you feel comfortable with.”

Her music has a big influence on her style. The rocker chic style that she sports in her “Up All Night” video is completely different than the glamorous, girly-girl look in “Smile for Me.” Leone always makes sure that she’s conveying her own personal style when picking out outfits for her music videos. “So, if it's a pop song I like to wear bright colors, if it's a little spunky I'll wear some studded shorts, and while doing these videos I kind of incorporate the looks I like into my everyday outfits,” she explains. This artist not only loves to convey her feelings through her music, but her style as well!


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