7 Influencers That Prove Bouquets are Summer’s Hottest Accessories

Yep, you read that right. Flowers are summer ‘19’s biggest accessory, and I’ll tell you why. They’re pretty, smell nice, and elevate any picture or home they’re in. 

While you can get bouquets at your local bodega, supermarket, garden or park, it can be hard to decide which flowers you want. A mixed bouquet? Monochromatic roses? So many choices. Luckily, the members of InfluenceHer Collective have got you covered with quite the arrangement (pun fully intended). Scroll on for major flower inspo. 

Keep it basic



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No matter how big or small, a bouquet totally screams summer. If you’re not sure what color or type of flower you’re picking up yet, stick with neutral colors in your outfit. That way it’s guaranteed to match!

Frame your feet



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Are your shoes to die for but you feel the photo’s missing something? Add a bouquet! It’ll highlight your fancy footwear, especially if you match the flowers to your shoes.

Bring friends



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Okay, these technically aren’t bouquets, but how cute is this group photo? Flowers and friends make everything better. You can all wear bright colors to match the flowers and each other.

Play coy



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Nothing wrong with letting the flowers be the stars of the show! For a little extra pop, you can wear a lipstick that matches the bouquet.




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If you dress monochromatically one day and find yourself needing matching accessories… you guessed it. Since there are so many different colors of flowers, you can really pick almost any color.

Flower crown



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Are your hands to full to hold anything? Go for a boho-chic vibe and throw some flowers in your hair. You’re bound to look (and smell) good. 

Florals? For Spring?



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And summer too. If you love all types of florals, wear ‘em both. The combination is super cute, especially if you can find a bouquet to match the print on your fit!

Whichever bouquet you decide to pair with your fit, it’s bound to look great. I’m already inspired to grab some chrysanthemums. Which edit was your favorite? 

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