We Styled These Size-Inclusive Jeans & TBH, They Look Amazing With Any Aesthetic

The pursuit of good, comfortable, stylish jeans is one that takes pretty much your entire life. I feel like I've probably tried on 500 pairs of jeans in the last 10 years, only to buy about 10 of them and actually end up wearing two. It's hard to find a good pair of jeans. You need them to be stretchy, but not too stretchy. You don't want them too high-waisted, but you definitely don't want them low-rise (well, I definitely don't). And god forbid you find a wash that isn't absurd.

When you do find a good pair of jeans, you want to share them with the world. But, unfortunately, more often than not when you find a good pair of jeans, they probably don't come in a super wide range so you can share that wisdom with your friends. There's nothing like trying to tell your BFF about a pair of jeans that just rocked your world... and them not coming in a size she can actually wear. So when Warp + Weft, fashion's favorite, new-ish denim line, reached out, we were like, yes, let's do this.

We tried three pairs of their jeans to see if inclusive denim can really, truly be a thing.

Felicity, our Assistant Editor, Gina, our Beauty Editor, and Rachel (me!), our Senior Editor, put these to the test. Because all butts are good butts, and all butts deserve good denim.

But first, let's talk about how cool these are.

Our resident style expert, Felicity, explained, "These jeans are totally approved as a 2019 trend. The wash is unbelievably cool — there’s an acid-wash feel to it without going completely overboard. But I need to address something about these jeans: the one, frayed and ripped back pocket is what really gives these jeans their ~edge~ and I’m SO about it. This edgy detail gives it an unexpected twist that’s most definitely on-trend right now."

Gina, a size 14, tried the JFK Petite Skinny Dorset

"OMG the subtle detailing at the end of the jeans looked so good with ankle boots," Gina said. "And I think they’re super transitional from winter to summer as well. I don’t think they’re the edgiest denim I’ve ever seen, but rather a really good staple pair of pants that I’d wear all year round."

Felicity, a size 8, tried the MXP High Rise Legging in Encore.

"Remember those pajama jeans that were a thing for a hot minute? These definitely had that same feel with the stretchy jegging material. Although I love that tight and high-waisted feel, it’s not the most comfortable article of clothing to run your errands in all day. Warp + Weft honestly get it right with their material — and it makes for a completely comfortable jean."

Rachel, a size 10, tried the ICN Wide Leg in Lotus.

"I'm absolutely in love with these jeans. And I hate jeans. Most denim is just way too harsh for me, from the lines they create on your body to the fabric itself. But these felt super soft and gentle. The cut was killer, as I love nothing more than a deconstructed pair of jeans."

How was the fit?

Gina: "I felt soooo stretchy and free. In terms of fit, these are elevated enough to wear to work and out with friends, but they’re also cozy enough that I could see myself lounging in them all day, without feeling stuff. Like, I can bend in these!"

Felicity: "The length was just right on me — the end of the jeans meet my fave pair of ankle boots just perfectly. I recommend sizing down just a bit if you like that tight, high-waisted feel like I do. If you prefer a casual fit, then these jeans are great for keeping it just a little loose and flexible."

Rachel: "I probably should have sized down, as these definitely stretch through the day, but I appreciated how they looked with an oversized sweater, and imagine they'll look very chill and artsy paired with a fitted bodysuit in warmer weather."

How were our butts?

Gina: "I’m 5’ exactly, so I love when a petite jean hits just right and I don’t have to worry about tailoring. They’re totally adaptable to all kinds of curves, and let me work the ~booty~. I love!"

Rachel: "Throughout this shoot, we couldn't stop talking about our butts. They were so happy. Such good butts."

How would you rate the price point here?

Gina: "I’m cheap AF, but definitely willing to drop money on really good denim. I would be first in line to buy these on a sale day, and if I had extra cash would totally splurge on another pair. They’re not unaffordable, but definitely an investment purchase instead of an all-the-time purchase."

Felicity: "If we’re being real, it’s hard for me to spend anything over $50 on one article of clothing. (#ballingonabudget) But I will say that I whole-heartedly believe in investment pieces, and a good pair of jeans that fit you just right is a damn good investment. Knowing how well they fit and how high quality they are, I would definitely buy these IRL if I were looking for another pair of go-to jeans."

Rachel: "I hate shopping for jeans, so when I buy them, I want to buy one pair and keep them for as long as humanly possible. So I'm someone who spends more on denim (probably around $100/pair, sorry guys). These, especially on sale, are super worth it."

LBR: are these really inclusive?

Gina: "Oh, YES. I loved watch the way these jeans worked on editors of all different sizes, and appreciate the range of sizing going up to 24. Also, shoutout to the petite and maternity choices as well."

Felicity: "Giving this three thumbs up for three cute booties that these jeans blessed us with. Not only is their sizing inclusive, but they have so many shapes and fits to please any pants preference."

Rachel: "Absolutely. The range is from 00-24, with maternity and petite. I was so happy with these, and I feel good supporting them." 

Denim on denim is a very big Thing these days, so it's important that we can all find a pair of jeans that we're happy with. We want to feel good in our clothes. It's a simple ask. And brands that allow us to do that by making it possible for us to wear their styles with massive amounts of confidence are clearly leading the way. 

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