Anyone Can Now Dress Like the Women From 'Baywatch'

Now that Baywatch the TV show had been made into a movie, starring Zac Efron and Dwayne Johnson, we are once again able to see the iconic slow-motion running scenes we've missed oh so much. With the new Baywatch movie now in theaters, it will be almost impossible to go the entire summer without seing the classic red swimsuit, especially since Tipsy Elves and Paramount Pictures teamed up to create an official Baywatch collection!

The collection obviously includes the iconic red one-piece swimsuit, but also blue paneled swim trunks, a red and blue bikini, and a red and blue windbreaker, so you will have all you need to look like the most authentic Baywatch babe. Whether you were obsessed with Baywatch as a teenager or you just saw the new movie yesterday, you'll for sure love this collection.

Women's Baywatch One-Piece Halter Top, $38

Women's Baywatch Two-Piece Halter Top, $38