4 Affordable Clothing Stores to Shop RN Instead of Studying for Finals

The busiest time of my life is always as spring semester comes to a close. Between the horrors of group projects and final exams, I’m spending what precious little free time I have in therapy. Retail therapy, to be exact. That’s right, my favorite online stores have their own tab open right in between my lecture notes and study guides. Online shopping is so much easier than trying to memorize every step of glycolysis, which is what makes it the perfect mental vacation.

If you’re slowly withering away from the stress of classes, I have just the thing to perk you back up: a list of online stores to kick start your summer shopping. These are my personal favorites for finding a good deal, along with some of the pieces I’m currently eyeing for myself.

  1. 1. Nasty Gal 

    If you’re not a fan of the nasty galaxy already, you should be. The clothing line of Sophia Amoruso, who you may already know from her biography ‘#Girlboss and subsequent Netflix series, founded the brand on 2006. I love that the clothes are a blend of trendy, eclectic, and modern because it allows me to experiment with my current style. Plus, they always have killer sales and student discounts. I’ve been loving Indiana Jones-esque styles like this khaki romper lately, and I was never quite able to get into the chunky tennis shoe trend, but chunky sandals are a different story.

  2. 2. SheIn

    Shein is a controversial topic in the online style world, the general consensus being that you either love it or hate it. One look at their website will have your jaw dropping in awe from the beautiful clothes at prices that are seemingly too good to be true. Truthfully, sometimes they are. Long shipping times and complaints of clothes being too small, see-through, or completely different than the picture aren’t uncommon, but are completely avoidable if you keep an open mind. To me, shopping on SheIn is like a treasure hunt and I never purchase something without making sure there are good reviews with pictures. I love looking at the shorts and two-piece sets because you can get a cute, coordinated, and trendy outfit for so much cheaper than at most other stores.

  3. 3. BooHoo

    If Nasty Gal and SheIn had a baby, it would be BooHoo. There’s a broad variability in the styles they offer, which is perfect if you’re ever looking to buy a tracksuit and a cocktail dress in one go. I’m a personal fan of their blouses and blazers since they tend to lean on the trendier side but are still professional enough to wear to work. I LOVE liquid silk blouses like this one at the moment, which would be perfect paired under this leopard print blazer. Animal prints are all the rage right now, after all.

  4. 4. Reformation

    Sustainability is huge in the fashion industry, which is I truthfully buy the majority of my clothes from thrift stores. Reformation is a major player in making sustainable fashion the norm, and makes me feel a little less guilty when online shopping. They make sustainability a major priority in every part of their business, from what fabrics they use to how they power their warehouses. I love their simple graphic tees, and though their denim stretches my budget a little too tight, it’s worth the occasional splurge.

If online shopping is as cathartic for you as it is for me, this list is going to be your new best friend. These are my tried and true spots for whenever I have the itch to add to my style collection, so I'm happy to be passing them along to all of you. Fair warning, your closet might be thanking me later, but your wallet probably won't be.