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4 Ways to Pull Off Jeans That Aren’t Your Go-To Skinnies

Few things can make us feel more confident than our favorite pair of skinny jeans. We all have that one pair of jeans that fits us all over perfectly, hugging us in all the right places. Having the motivation to even wear jeans instead of leggings is a miracle in itself! But skinny jeans have been the norm for way too long—it’s time to set your favorite skinnies aside and rock a new style of jeans. With these killer options, you’ll feel even more confident than in your favorite pair of skinny jeans!

1. Flare

Flare jeans may seem outdated, but this ’70s-inspired pant is trendier than ever right now. The top of the pant hugs your leg perfectly, but the flare at the bottom will make your legs look eight feet long. Pair with heels or booties to make your legs look even taller—hello, model off duty! Whether dark or light, these jeans will add a touch of flair to all your outfits! 

2. Boyfriend

We love these jeans, especially when they’ve been distressed! The loose fit of boyfriend jeans ensures ultimate comfort, and makes for a perfect casual look. These jeans definitely make your everyday look more unique. Boyfriend jeans look flattering on any body type, as well! Just like with flare jeans, boyfriends paired with heels will give you major confidence.

3. Bootcut

Bootcut jeans give your jeans an extra oomph that skinnies can’t provide. Again, these can seem like something you might find in your mom’s closet, but there are so many ways to style them to fit your personal taste! When it comes to bootcut jeans in winter, we say the darker the jean, the better. Team with flats to dress up a casual look.

4. Straight

The straight leg is our favorite alternative to skinnies. These jeans give your body shape and make the perfect everyday pants. You can wear these to class or out with friends (or walking your dog, like Olivia Palermo does!).

Whether high-wasited, ripped, dark or light, there are so many alternatives to your favorite pair of skinny jeans!

Blair Donovan is a junior at Miami University in Ohio studying Journalism and Professional Writing. As an online shopping addict, she spends her free time stalking outfits on social media and ordering more clothes than she could ever possibly need. You can almost always find her watching Netflix or eating macaroni and cheese. She hopes to pursue a career as a writer at a fashion magazine.
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