20 Ways to Wear A White T-Shirt

11. Make Your Plain White Tee Your Own Jackson Pollock Painting - This project is simple and fun. Just take your white tee and choose a variety of your favorite colors, then splatter paint your tee shirt, and let it dry. You’ll have people complementing you on your work of art.

12. Make it Groovy, Baby - Blast to the past and tie-dye your plain white tee. It’s an effort, but the end product is definitely worth it. Just go to your nearest craft store where you can buy a tie dye kit, go outside with your friends, and have a tie dying party! It’s easy and fun to do. You may be impatient to let it dry, but the end product is worth it.

13. Wear it With Suspenders - All you have to do with this look is find a cute pair of suspenders, tuck your plain white tee in, and you’ll look fabulous enough to go out to lunch with the girls in a look borrowed from the boys.

14. Wear it Under a Dress - Plain white tees are great to wear under dresses, especially floral dresses (some of you may or may not know how much I adore floral). Plain white tees are great to layer with flimsy dresses or even sleeveless dresses, and a pair of cute boots or dirty Converse sneakers. Dress this look up or down.

15. Pin it Up - Gather your favorite pins (I used to decorate my old backpacks with pins), and decorate the bottom of your tee shirt with them. This look is great because you can change your pins to compliment your mood. You can increase the amount of pins, or decrease it to one. It’s your choice!

16. Layer it Under the Oversized Cardigan - For this look, all you need is an oversized cardigan and your plain white tee. You can wear it to class with skinny jeans and a cute pair of flats, or you can wear it casual with leggings and a heavy pair of boots.

17. Make it Look Messier - Pull out the scissors and fray the edges of your plain white tee to create an even messier look. If you want to go above and beyond splatter a tiny bit of black paint.

18. Pair it With a Scarf - This look is meant to be relaxed enough to wear to class or to go out on a first date. Just wear the plain white tee with an over-the-top bright scarf. The plain white tee allows the scarf to have the spotlight.

19. Accompany Your Tee With Leggings - This look only works with an oversized Hanes tee shirt, because we all know that it’s not in style or attractive to have your booty hanging out of your leggings (HC Contributing Writer Scott Rosenfeld agrees in is his article “Her Gay Best Friend: Fashion Mistakes You May Not Realize You’re Making”). It’s a comfy look that you can wear with boots, flats, or flip-flops when it gets warm.

20. Wear It Plain - Late for class and don’t know what to wear? Just wear the plain white tee shirt…..plain! If you’re in a rush there is no need to get flustered and pick out a fancy outfit. All you need is a plain white tee, a pair of jeans, and a cute pair of boots and you’re good to go!