What Are College Women Really Doing on Valentine’s Day?

Despite what we see in popular culture there are more than just two things — have a romantic dinner with your S.O. or mope around cursing your single-ness — to do on Valentine’s Day.

But what are these other V-Day options? We asked 26 college women to tell us their real plans for February 14, and they really run the gamut.

“I’ll be watching The Walking Dead (because Daryl Dixon is my dream guy), reading the new Meg Cabot book, and studying for my motorcycle permit.”

-Jess, Dickinson College Class of 2017

“I am spending the day at my niece's birthday. But once I come back to my place I will have a pizza night with my girlfriends. Who needs a Valentine's date if you have your girls by your side?”

-Orly, Drexel University Class of 2019

“My best friend who graduated last year is coming to visit all weekend! We are going to stay in Friday night and watch movies, maybe drink some wine, and catch up. Saturday we are going to go out on the town for dinner and drinks and Sunday morning we will have breakfast and have to part ways. A ‘Galentine's’ weekend is the only way I would want to spend this weekend!”

-Alyssa, St. Ambrose University Class of 2017

“My boyfriend and I have this tradition of staying in on Valentine’s Day, ordering Chinese food and watching movies. This is our third year doing it. I also plan on decorating and surprising him with candles, champagne and heart-shaped cutouts everywhere.”

-Aleixka, James Madison University Class of 2017

“I’m going to be spending time with my family and celebrating Valentine's Day with them.”

-Sara, California Lutheran University Class of 2016

“I'm treating this Valentine's Day like a Galentine's Day. Actually, like a Galentine's Weekend. My best friend and I plan on spending Friday night to Monday night together, baking cookies, watching rom-coms, doing facials, and lounging in our pajamas for at least 72 hours straight. Leslie Knope would (hopefully) approve.”

-Kate, Fordham University Class of 2019

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“Because I love Marvel movies more than I love chocolate, I'm going to see Deadpool on Valentine's Day! Comic book characters over chocolate any day. I've been looking forward to the movie since the first trailer came out in August. I might go a second time later in the week, too, and buy some discount V-day candy to sneak into the theater.”

-Kristen, The University of Alabama Class of 2018

“I usually spend it with my boyfriend, but going long distance this year meant a change of plans. My friends and I are going to Dunkin Donuts, getting a dozen brownie batter donuts, and seeing How To Be Single.”

-Kellyn, Philadelphia University Class of 2019

“I am surprising my boyfriend with a handmade tie blanket for one of his favorite sports teams and then as an activity to do together, we are going to make a chocolate fudge cake!”

-Andrea, Minnesota State University, Mankato Class of 2016

“Probably nursing my post-Galentine's Day hangover by shamelessly lounging around all day in sweats and a messy bun made out of last night's curls.”

-Olivia, University of North Carolina Wilmington Class of 2018

“I'm going out to dinner with my boyfriend on Saturday because he has a meeting with his fraternity on Sunday night.”

-Elise, Kent State University Class of 2017

“For Valentine's Day, I am getting tattooed with my girlfriend! Don't worry, we aren't getting matching tattoos; we are just both getting tattooed together. It will be my first and her fifth! We wanted to do something out of the box to celebrate the day. Afterwards, we have a dinner reservation, and then I hope to go home and have some romance!”

-Caitlin, MSU Class of 2017

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“I’m spending the evening with my one true love, the library.”

-Audrey, Case Western University Class of 2017

“First thing in the morning I am waking up at my boyfriend's place and making him bacon and eggs in a heart-shaped nest. Then both of us are going to the student union to donate blood. When we get back to his house I'm locking him out of his room while I build a blanket fort with his sheets. Inside the blanket fort will be nerf guns and cartoons on DVD, because we always joke that he's a child. Then we'll spend the rest of the day watching cartoons and doing whatever else college students do when in the close quarters of a blanket fort...”

-Rebecca, University of Maryland Class of 2017

“I am going to the Galantis concert in Philly with my roommate!”

-Alixandra, Franklin & Marshall College Class of 2019

“I'll be spending Valentine's day with my boyfriend of two years, going on a hike in the morning and winding down for a chill evening probably consisting of Netflix and Chipotle! To me, V-Day isn't about the commercialism of love. Rather, it's about spending quality time with the people you really care about, and showing your appreciation through little things and experiences you like to do together!”

-Sam, Florida State University Class of 2017

“On Sunday, I’ll be competing in the Miss Beach Cities pageant, a local in the Miss America Organization.”

-Brooke, Pepperdine University Class of 2017

“My parents are taking me out for brunch because they feel bad for me because of my recent breakup. Then my roommate and I are going to wallow in our singleness by watching rom-coms and sipping chardonnay. Personally, I'd take a Galentine's Day over a Valentine's Day anytime. There's no pressure to do cliché things, wear a sexy outfit, or spend an exorbitant amount of money.”

-Sarah, Temple University Class of 2019

“This Valentine's Day I'm going to stop being so bitter about being single, and choose to celebrate myself instead.”

-Gina, Cal Poly Class of 2017

“For Valentine’s Day my boyfriend is coming to visit from out of town and we plan on making some homemade pizza, lighting a bunch of candles and having a movie night in. We're trying to save money but as long as I'm with him and we're comfortable, it'll be a perfect Valentine’s Day.”

-Alexandria, Kent State University Class of 2017

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“For the past two years, Valentine's Day has been a great and romantic holiday for my boyfriend and I. This year though it will determine the fate of our relationship. After three tedious years of being in a long-distance relationship, we're not sure we can take it much longer. I will be flying to DC to visit him for Valentine's Day weekend, but instead of celebrating with flowers and chocolates, we'll be deciding if the relationship is still worth it. I find it ironic that our three-year relationship will most likely end on Valentine's Day, but hey, there's never a right time to break-up. At least we still care for each other enough to give it one last shot. We'll see how it goes.”

-Debbie, Northeastern University Class of 2016

“I’m spending it with my boyfriend. He goes to a college about 20 minutes away from me, so he will be here the night before. Sunday morning will be filled with pancakes, maple syrup, and bacon! After breakfast (or lunch time by the time we wake up), we will be catching up on our Hulu shows followed by romance movies and a comfy day in bed. For dinner, we will be eating Papa Murphy's pizza. Did you know every year for Valentine's Day that they make pizza's heart shaped?! Yup. So we will be snuggled up all day, eating to our hearts contents. A traditional dinner and a movie, with a twist.”

-Nicole, Winona State University Class of 2016

“I’ll be going home and seeing my mom because my dad is away for work. Just because I don't have a significant other doesn't mean I can't spend Valentine's Day with the ones I love and my cats (who let’s be real, have always been my true valentines)”

-Katie, Bentley University Class of 2017

“I'm actually celebrating my first anniversary with my boyfriend! A year ago last Valentine's Day we were at a fraternity party together, and after some dancing and a few kisses exchanged, he asked me on a date to a local tea shop. It was my first time being asked out on an honest-to-God date, and I felt like I was in a Taylor Swift song (the good kind) for days. A year later that feeling still hasn't gone away. He won't tell me what he has planned for us, but I'm taking us out to brunch in the city, and then giving him our anniversary/his birthday present — a day trip to NYC and front mezzanine tickets to Les Mis. I can't wait to see the look on his face!”

-Jenna, Drexel University Class of 2018

“I don't have a Valentine, so I picked up additional shifts at work. Basically I will spending Valentine's Day making money, which I will turn around and spend on my one true love: shoes.”

-Tamiracle, University of South Florida St. Petersburg Class of 2017

“I’ll be wearing Valentine-y lingerie for my boyfriend.”

-Rose, University of Illinois Class of 2019