TrintMe, the Dating App We've Been Waiting for

Tinder, in a nutshell: see a few postage stamp-sized photos of potential suitors, decide whether to give said suitors the yea or nay based on his or her photos and some meager details about mutual friends and interests, and, if a reciprocal match is found, commence a creepy correspondence through messaging.

No, thanks.

However, there is an answer for collegiettes whose idea of an online dating app doesn’t involve finding a suitor based predominantly on his or her looks. Welcome to the latest dating app, TrintMe, that allows you to “take the next step without the fear of rejection, embarrassment or spoiling a relationship.” The site was created by Babson College graduate VS Joshi and got its start through the Babson College Venture Accelerator program. After winning the Big Idea Competition, TrintMe took off, taking the world of online dating apps by storm.

Instead of other virtual dating apps whose dating pools are composed of (potentially creepy) strangers, TrintMe allows you to progress your relationship with people you already know – but without the risk of rejection. With a wider range of possibilities—besides, you know, hooking up—TrintMe allows you to do everything from build new friendships to kindle new romances, and it helps take the anxiety out of taking that next step. It considers itself a “friendship progression application,” as it helps give your relationship that desired boost you may not be bold enough to make.

How does it work, you ask? Once you register with the site, TrintMe will provide you with a list of your Facebook friends and an array of  “trints,” or “true intentions,” to select from: “you’re cool,” “let’s talk,” “coffee,” “let’s hang out,” “romance,” or “hook-up.” The trints you select for each friend are saved on TrintMe and remain private. The app then identifies people’s matched intentions for one another, privately notifying both parties if a match is made. If a true intention is unmatched, it’s deleted after 30 days, remaining your (and TrintMe’s) little secret.

With unmatched intentions never revealed, what’s there to lose? TrintMe could help you find finally connect with that hottie you’ve been checking out from the apartment above you (who might have had his eye on you all along!) Unlike its competitors, this dating app is an entirely judgment-free zone – now there’s something we could get used to!