These Sex Toys Are The Perf BFF Gift (Yes, Really)

I regularly give my friends sex toys for the holidays. Sometimes they're for them and a boyfriend. Sometimes they're just for them. The point is that I'm a weirdo and I love my friends and I want them to experience all good things in the world, orgasms included. And what says orgasm quite like unwrapping a present and seeing an adorable vibrator, just for you? Plus, talking about sex toys without shame is still just not common enough for me, so with each gift, I'm helping to fight the weird stigma around 'em. It's a cause I believe in.

Naturally, I decided to try out a ton of sex toys in the name of the season of giving. These are sex toys that I personally just really, really love. These are also from companies that I generally support. Nothing like buying a vibe and supporting Planned Parenthood, am I right? 

1. This vibrator necklace for your ~risk taking~ friend ($79)


This is by far the most chic sex toy I've ever seen in my life. It's a freaking necklace. WHAT. When I first learned about this badass vibe, I was like, gimme. What's fun about it is that it's not just about sex. It's about the message. A woman wearing a vibrator around her damn neck is the biggest "fuck you" to shame and sex toy stigma I can think of. She's pricey, but she's multipurpose, and comes in rose gold.

2. This oral sex simulator that looks like a freaking penguin ($49.95)

Many women just love oral sex. Why wouldn't we? Tons of women only get off from clitoral stimulation, and so the rise of oral sex-simulating vibrators has been game-changing for many of us. I have a few oral sex vibes on this list, but this one is stand out because IT'S A PENGUIN. It has a bow. That's really all you, and your BFF, need to know.

3. This strangely beautiful lube ($10)

I need us to talk about lube more, and this lube is a great intro. It's cute, it's non-threatening, and it comes in a tiny travel size so you can shove it in your underwear drawer and take it out to live your best life. Just spritz it on your fave sex toy, or on your bod, and get slippery. 

4. This flexible vibrator that'll change her life ($35)

We all need a hot pink vibrator. It's a rite of passage. But what's special about this one is that it's kind of like, floppy? In the best way ever. It's flexible, which means there are a ton of ways that you can have sex with this thing. It's a classic rabbit vibrator, but with two motors, so you can have one piece on, one piece off, or you can have both pieces on and really just go for it. 

5. This beauuuutiful massage stone ($25)

A massage doesn't have to be foreplay – sometimes it's the whole damn thing, especially with a massage stone like this one. Not only is it gorgeous enough to just hang out on your bookshelf and look pretty, but it's also shaped perfectly for your hand so you can use it on your own body, or someone else's. I've used this just to relax, and had zero regrets. Pro tip for your BFF: Tell her to mute the fuckboys blowing up her phone, light a candle, and get to massaging. 

6. This sex toy that looks like a lipstick ($10)

This is a truly beautiful gift for your friend who wants to try a sex toy, but is feeling a little shy. It's super subtle. Not only is it palm-sized and easy to hide, but it also looks like a lipstick, making it a piece of cake to stash in your bedside table or even in your makeup bag without raising any eyebrows. The affordable price tag also makes it a safe one to try out and see if you're into vibrators to begin with. ​

7. This vagina-shaped vibrator that you can place and ignore ($40)

Some of us like lazy orgasms, and if that's your BFF, this is allll her. The shape of this is such that you can really just put it in place and ignore, and it'll do all the work. 

8. For your friend with a partner who wants to ~mix things up~ ($40)

Having a partner doesn't mean you can't use a sex toy. What I love about this sex toy is that it's really multi-use. You can use it if you're straight, you can use it if you're not straight, you can use it with a partner, or you can use it solo. The shape of it is super cozy, and the structure is easy enough that you're not messing with a ton of buttons in the middle of sex. Just pop it in place, and get going.

9. These handcuffs that are also bracelets ($36)

Can you tell I like sex toys that are also accessories? Not only is Unbound literally one of my fave sex toy brands of all time, but these handcuffs are honestly a work of art. I want to give them to everyone I own. Not only are they 1000 percent Instagrammable, but they're also functional. It's a win all around, especially for your cool, edgy friends who have all of the mainstream sex toys already.

Talking about sex with your friends should be fun and empowering, not some weird shame spiral. Whether you're new to talking about sex, or have been talking about sex for a decade, gifting a super cute sex toy is a great way to get the ball rolling. Enjoy the good vibes.