Take Her Campus's Sex Survey!

There’s no denying that today’s college environments are saturated with sex. The moment you step on campus freshman year, you’re being handed free condoms at orientation. You’re lucky if your roommate doesn’t sexile you every week. It can seem as if everyone is having sex, all of the time. But are they? And if they are, is it good sex? Are college women satisfied with their sex lives, or are they under pressure? The answers to these questions have powerful implications when it comes to gender politics on campus, especially with the epidemic of mishandled sexual assault cases nationwide.

We want to know, and so we’re going straight to the source. We’ve launched the Her Campus Sex Survey, the first survey we’ve ever done that is focused solely on sex on campus. We’ll use the results to pull back the covers on what’s actually going down in college—and how you really feel about it. It’s important to talk about sex—and so we’re not shying away.


Responses will be anonymous and you will not be connected with your personally identifying information.