14 More College Women Confess the Most Embarrassing Things That Have Happened During Sex

Last week, 13 college women confessed their most mortifying sex moments. Well, there was more.

14 more college women chimed in this week with their embarrassing encounters. We continued to cringe.

"I bled during sex and the guy I was hooking up with definitely thought I was a virgin and lying about it. Um, was the sex that bad? FML."

-Elizabeth, Dartmouth College Class of 2016

"This guy I was hooking up with farted during sex and I dried up in three seconds."

-Kait, Temple University Class of 2016

"I was having sex with my boyfriend at the time and we switched positions and I queefed. It was so disgusting and such a turn off I felt so horribly embarrassed! It kept happening too... So I just went with it, cringing when it happened."

-Sabrina, University of Connecticut Class of 2017

"A guy was nervous during a drunk hookup, so I decided to go down on him. I had been down for maybe 15 seconds when I feel him ejaculating. I jump off about to scold him for not giving me warning when he says 'Is that urine?' It was."

-Nicole, Duke University Class of 2016

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"He was a friend with benefits and it was our first time ever really hooking up. We were making out and he started fingering me. It got pretty intense until suddenly I looked down and he had this shocked expression and blood on his hands. He hadn't cut his fingernails and went too hard, stabbing me in the vagina! I basically wanted to crawl into a hole after that."

-Mel, Southern Methodist University Class of 2019

"He put it in the butt by accident and then when he pulled out I farted involuntarily."

-Emily, John Carroll University Class of 2019

"I’ve fallen asleep during sex more than once with my long-term boyfriend after a long night in the library. It never gets any less embarrassing."

-Anna, UCLA Class of 2019

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"Once I believed I was done with my period. I hadn't had any flow for an entire day and felt like it was safe to have sex! My boyfriend began to go down on me and then seconds later looks up with a horrified look and blood around his mouth. Needless to say, we didn't continue and I cried my eyes out even though he told me it was no big deal."

-Jane, University of Michigan Class of 2018

"I was hooking up with this guy and we were about to have sex but he wanted to make himself more wet, which is awkward to begin with, so he tried to spit on his hand to remedy this but when he did he missed his hand and spit, and I'm talking lots of spit, right on my face. Two minutes later his sister came home. Talk about a disaster."

-Lucinda, University of Texas Class of 2017

"We were having some fun after a night of too many drinks when the guy I was hooking up with forgot to warn me that he was about to...ya know. The last thing I typed into my search bar that night before falling asleep was 'am I going to go blind after getting cum in my eyeball?' It. Hurt. But no, you cannot go blind. You just become a lot more careful even while you're being a sloppy drunk."

-Lily, University of Utah Class of 2017

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"I tried to smoothly switch positions once and hit the guy in the stomach with my knee. Hard. He said it was fine, but I was mortified. He was definitely in pain."

-Mary, University of Michigan Class of 2018

"I had accidentally bought one-ply toilet paper and a few tiny pieces of it would always get stuck 'down there' no matter how careful I was with wiping. When we were about to have sex, as my boyfriend put lube on me, he pointed it out and we had a good laugh about it. Halfway through, we decided to switch positions from missionary to doggy style. As I flipped over, I jokingly asked 'is there toilet paper on my ass too?' To which my boyfriend replied 'actually...yes'. I was completely mortified. Needless to say, I will be extremely careful about the toilet paper I buy next time."

-Jackie, University of Pittsburgh Class of 2018

"I was really drunk and going down on my boyfriend and vomited on his penis. He knew what happened and got soft immediately."

-Kristina, Colby College Class of 2017

"We were trying to have sex in the shower and I fell on my ass. It hurt so badly! The sex was more than over at that point."

-Margaret, Dickinson College Class of 2017