What to Get Your Boyfriend For Your Anniversary

Whether you’ve been together for just a few months or even a few years, all the time spent in a relationship is a milestone, something to be celebrated. But after a bunch of fantastic dates, countless memories, and lots of laughs, finding that perfect gift to show that special someone how much you care can still be difficult (after all, guys can be pretty hard to shop for). So what can you give him that would really capture how you feel about him?

To answer the question, we turned to collegiettes and the guys themselves for their own ideas! Whether you’re looking to buy something or create your own DIY gift, read on for some anniversary-approved gifts!

Gifts to buy for him

Take the time to remember all the things your boyfriend likes. What are his interests? What are his hobbies? Is there something he has wanted for a long time, or is there something that he might need? In the end, that consideration for what kind of guy your boyfriend is will make the gift special regardless of the price tag.

Tech-savvy gadgets

For instance, if your boyfriend is a techie, see if you can find a clever tech-related gift that’s not only useful, but will make him smile. There are tons of gadgets out there that techies would love, including a bunch that you never would have thought of before.

“Flash drive cufflinks,” suggests University of New Hampshire recent grad Alexandra Churchill. “They're a little on the expensive side, but they make the PERFECT gift if you have a tech-geeky boyfriend. He said they were the coolest gift ever and they made him feel like James Bond!”

Sports paraphernalia

Or if your boyfriend is a huge sports fan, buy him something with his team logo! There are tons of clothes and appliances that are perfect for sports fans. It’s just a matter of finding something unique.

“[My girlfriend] got me two presents for our anniversary this year. The first was a sandwich press that imprinted the New York Jets logo onto whatever bread was put into it,” remembers Zach Goldaber, a junior at the University of Chicago. “It was an excellent gift because it was both practical - I love making sandwiches - and thoughtful, since the Jets are my favorite football team. It wasn't ostentatious or showy, just a good and useful gift.”