Her Story: I Met My Boyfriend on Tinder

Saturday rolled around, and I was so anxious to finally meet this guy in person. I will always remember the moment that I opened my front door and saw him for the first time.

He was more than I expected. He was so calm as he stood there smiling at me with that amazing smile I’ve come to love. He also came inside and was a gentleman when he met my parents.   We ended up going out to dinner at an outdoor mall and watching a live band perform. We talked for six hours, never having any awkward moments that led me to regret my decision. Then, at the end of the date, I got the most amazing first kiss of my life.

The following weekend was my prom. Unfortunately, I had already told a friend I would be his date, so Nathan and I agreed that he would pick me up from prom and we would go to the after-party together. Once at the party, he called me over to sit next to him at my friend’s piano, smiled at me and started playing. As we both sat there at the piano, he suddenly switched songs. I immediately recognized that he was playing my favorite song, Billy Joel’s “She’s Got A Way,” which I vaguely remembered mentioning on our first date. While he serenaded me on the piano, he asked me to be his girlfriend. As he sat there playing this song about a beautiful girl, I remember looking over at him and in that exact moment knowing I already loved him.

At the beginning of our relationship, we kept the truth of how we actually met a secret. We even fabricated a cover story to tell people when they asked. Nathan chose to be very upfront with his friends and family and told them the truth. While I told my closest friends, I avoided mentioning it to my parents, fearing they might make us break up. Over time we started telling more and more people, and the general reactions we got were, “Do you know how lucky you two are?” or, “You hit the jackpot!” or, “Something bad could’ve happened.” After constantly hearing those comments, we realized that we had been extremely lucky.

After almost six months of dating, I worked up the courage and called my parents to finally tell them the truth. Naturally, they had the same reaction and reminded me how dangerous going on Tinder was. Thankfully, after some long talks they forgave me and told me how glad they were that I had met Nathan.