5 Weird Places Collegiettes Met Their Significant Others

When someone asks you where you and your SO first met, she probably expects the same answer she has heard a million other times: “We lived in the same dorm freshman year,” “We started talking in our psych lecture,” or, “we met at a pair party.”

While these date stories remain cute as ever, not everyone’s first encounter with her SO is that routine! We asked collegiettes to share the weird and unexpected places where they met their SO (past or present) and the story behind it. Some of their answers might just surprise you, - and all of them prove that love is always in the air (even in the laundry rooms)!

1. The drive-thru line

As if you needed another excuse to drive through for coffee and doughnuts before your 9 a.m. lecture, this collegiette’s story proves that you can score a date in the most unexpected of places:

“I had a little thing with a guy who worked at Dunkin’ Donuts,” says Rachel DeFeis, a junior at the University of Delaware. “I would go there every day, and then he started working there, so I saw him a lot. Then one day, he quite literally gave me his phone number in the drive-thru line. It was probably the strangest way I’ve met someone to date.”

You’ll think twice before brushing off the cutie who has your order memorized now, right?!

2. An online chat site

When it comes to online dating, you’ve probably heard your fair share of horror stories. Luckily, a collegiette named Kari’s story proves that there’s hope for meeting someone worthwhile online:

“I actually met my current boyfriend of almost two years on Chatroulette,” says Kari Hively, a junior at Oswego State. “I’m a huge indie music junkie and I was bored over the summer, so I got on Chatroulette to see if I could find anyone with similar music interests to mine. Right before I was about to stop looking, I was linked with a profile that had all of my favorite bands listed in the interests. After talking for a little, we met in person and he didn’t turn out to be a catfisher (thank god!). Even though we’re a long-distance couple now, we’re incredibly happy and see each other often.”

What a relief to hear about a happily ever after in the world of online dating!

3. The bus stop

On a typical day at the bus stop, most collegiettes can be found with headphones in and eyes glued to their phones, avoiding all social interaction. If this sounds like you, you may be missing out on prime opportunities to meet your future SO!

“I met my boyfriend of four years on a rainy day at a shuttle bus stop on campus,” says Malaika Newman, a senior at the York College of Pennsylvania. “Once we sparked up a conversation, we discovered that we both loved the Red Hot Chili Peppers and that we were in the same sociology class! We are still together now, and plan on moving in together after graduating this May.”

So what are you waiting for? Ditch the headphones and strike up a convo with the cutie that you sit by every single day (but are still afraid to talk to). Chances are he or she just may be thinking the same thing!

4. Instagram

Collegiettes are known for over-thinking the smallest of things when it comes to social media (case in point: Instagram ‘likes’ – don’t try to deny it). However, one true story proves that there can be more to that ‘like’ than you think!

“My boyfriend of two years and I met through Instagram,” says Sammi Baum, a senior at the University of Hawaii. “He started following me, liked a couple of my photos, and I did the same. When this happened, I was with my close friends and asked if they knew him, and it turns out they did! We had mutual friends but had never met somehow. We set a day to meet, and have been together since!”

It turns out social media can lead to successful relationships after all! (And we’re not just talking about for the weekend.)

5. Third-wheeling on your friend’s dinner date

There’s nothing worse than being stuck on a dinner date with your BFF and her SO. Luckily, one collegiette’s story proves that you really can find love in a hopeless place:

“I ended up getting dragged to a pool party with my friend Lisa, who was just out of a long term relationship and looking for a rebound hook-up,” says Rachel Smith*, a recent graduate of Northeastern University. “At one point during the party, she pointed across the house at this guy and decided she thought he was really cute. She started talking to him, one thing led to another and she was begging me to go with her and the guy, Ethan, to get dinner. I was third wheel, but luckily Ethan's roommate, Andrew, was fourth wheel. The four of us spent the whole evening together, and I ended up hitting it off with Andrew and we were having a really good time. Ultimately, Lisa and Ethan only ended up going on a few dates, but Andrew and I dated for nearly two years!”

When it comes to finding love, these collegiettes prove that there’s potential everywhere you look. Step out of your dorm with an open mind and someone just may surprise you. Best of luck out there in the dating pool, collegiettes!


*Names have been changed to protect identities.