The 10 Greatest Fictional Couples & What We Can Learn From Them

Baby and Johnny from Dirty Dancing

When Frances “Baby” Houseman goes on a family vacation to Kellerman’s, she soon finds herself attracted to the resort’s dance instructor Johnny Castle. Before long, Johnny was giving Baby private dance lessons so she could fill in as his dance partner and things started heating up between the two. When Johnny was wrongly accused of stealing, Baby tried to save his job by sharing his alibi and revealing that she was with him the entire night. Johnny was impressed by Baby’s willingness to sully her own name to clear his.

If Baby let her family’s attitude towards the club workers influence her, she never would have gotten to know Johnny. So instead of letting other people’s opinions cloud your judgment, listen to your heart and draw your own conclusions. When Baby selflessly defended Johnny, she showed him just how much she cared about him, thus making their relationship even stronger. This couple taught us the importance of standing up for the ones we love and that “nobody puts Baby in a corner.”

Sandy and Danny from Grease

When innocent Sandy Olsson met bad boy Danny Zuko on the beach the summer before their senior year in 1959, she thought they were a match made in heaven. But by some trick of fate, when the two both ended up at Rydell High in the fall, Sandy learned of Danny’s tough greaser side. By the end of the musical, Sandy traded in her good-girl garb for some leather pants and a perm and shocked Danny with her wild side. In a surprising twist, Danny hung up his leather jacket and swapped it for a letterman jacket.

Relationships are all about balance and learning from one another. As seen by their dramatic costume change at the end of the film, Sandy and Danny learned from each other’s positive traits to become better versions of themselves. Danny’s fun loving and freewheeling attitude started to rub off on Sandy while Danny picked up some of Sandy’s wholesome personality. Although we do not recommend changing yourself to impress a guy, you should try something new by sharing your interests with one another. Join him the next time he goes skateboarding and bring him along to your next art class. You’ll gain a new appreciation for his hobbies and you never know if you’ll find a hidden talent!

Zack and Kelly from Saved by the Bell

Zack Morris and Kelly Kapowski were the “it” couple of Bayside High and we must say, the class clown’s humorous pursuit of the “All American” cheerleader made for some captivating ‘90s television. When this couple split up before college, it seemed like this dynamic duo was done for good, but they ended up getting hitched in Vegas in the final episode of “The College Years.”

College relationships are much more serious than high school ones. Zack and Kelly’s time apart gave them the opportunity to date other people and find out exactly what they were looking for. You can even argue that breaking up actually brought them closer together in the long run. Don’t be afraid to spend some time apart before making a commitment so you can do some soul searching and figure out who you are and what you want.

Noah and Ally from The Notebook

In The Notebook an elderly man reads aloud from a notebook recounting the love story of Ally and Noah to a nursing home patient suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. In a tearjerker moment, Ally remembers that they are the couple from the story and becomes lucid for a few minutes. Just hearing their love story is enough to bring Ally back to him again.

Noah and Ally’s story reminds us that true love gets stronger with time. Money, looks, and other superficial things don’t matter in the end, because having each other is enough. We should all be so lucky as to find someone to grow old with who will love us until the end.

Carrie and Mr. Big from Sex and the City

We initially watched Sex and the City for Carrie’s fabulous wardrobe, but stayed tuned for her wonderful friends and steamy love life. Through Carrie and Mr. Big’s many ups and downs, we learned that not all love stories are like a fairytale. Even though we secretly knew all along that they’d end up together, there were a lot of arguments, tears, and heartbreak before they finally settled down in the end.

Carrie and Mr. Big taught us that relationships are messy and the ones we love are often better at getting under our skin than anyone else. Not all guys are worth the heartache, but once we find the person we’re meant to be with, it’s worth the fight.

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