What it’s Like to Have a Crush in College

Few things in life are as complicated as a crush. They can bring out the craziest emotions.

It all starts when you lay eyes on that beautiful, beautiful guy in your mandatory 8 a.m. chemistry lab.

Seriously, did he just bath in gorgeousness this morning and splash on a godly glow aftershave? Like,

You must have him.

But when you catch his eye, you can’t form a sentence. There’s only one thing you can think of…   

He’s flawless and everything you’ve ever wanted. Basically, he’s the perfect guy.

You totally try and play it cool…

…but inside you’re like:

You run home and stalk the hell out him: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and a detailed Google search. Of course, you like what you see…

…but just to make sure you haven’t missed a detail, you ask your friends to tell you everything they know about him. Now, next time you see him you can oh-so-casually bring up that you both L-O-V-E Drake…

Finally, that glorious day comes when you “unexpectedly” bump into him on campus (please, like you totally don’t have his schedule memorized).

He asks you, “What’s up?” and you totally play it cool, like:

Yep. Nailed it. But what you really want to shout is:

Time to run to class and make a graceful exit. You think you look like this:

But you actually look like this:

So now you’re sitting in class pretending to take notes, when actually you’re planning a spring wedding.

You literally can’t function. You need him to love you.

Then it’s the weekend, and you’re finally ready to make a move.

You spot him at the bar, put on your most sultry look and start to strut over to him.

But wait… he’s with another girl.

How could he?? Does he not care about your future children?!

This relationship is SO over, buddy.

So you grab your friends, sulk back to your dorm and binge on junk food and romantic movies.

Your life is literally over. You might as well give up now…

Is love too much to ask for?

But then in another class, you lay eyes on a new beautiful, beautiful hunk and it’s like the last guy never existed—you’re giddy all over again.

Because seriously, this guy definitely bathed in gorgeousness this morning.

What is it like when you have a life-altering crush, collegiettes?