What To Do (& Not Do) When You're Not Interested in Him

When a guy likes us, we, most of the time, like him back. We’re happy that he is happy to talk to us and thinks we’re cute. Sometimes, though, the unfortunate scenario happens when we’re just not that into him. It could be for reasons of personality, wanting to keep someone on a “just friends” status, or maybe you’re just not into his Ed Hardy shirt (boys, there is a time and… wait, no there’s not).
Whatever the reason, we collegiettes™ need to know how to carefully and graciously handle the situation. With a little help from relationship expert Dan Lier of ASK Dan & Mike, here are some suggestions for what to do and what not to do in a few (sometimes all too familiar) scenarios when you’re just not that into him.
You met him at a bar

In your time as a bar or club-goer, you probably can’t count on both hands how many guys you had no interest in asked for your number at a bar or asked “to go out sometime.” Here’s how to let him down without having to feel like an a**hole for drinking that drink he just bought you.
What to do
There’s no point in wasting any time here – there are plenty of other options for him in the rest of the bar. If he has already asked you out or asked for your number, tell him thanks, but no thanks. A smile and a, “No, I’m sorry,” usually does the trick. He’ll hopefully get the hint (if he hasn’t already) with an easy, “It was nice to meet you,” as you head in a different direction.

What not to do
Don’t keep chatting or scoring drinks off him if you’d rather not give him your number.  Also, don’t lie and say you have a boyfriend if you don’t – especially if you plan on chit-chatting or dancing with the next guy.
Lier also tells us not to give him anything more than casual eye contact. “Don’t casually touch him – guys interpret that as you want more,” he says.