Quiz: What's Your Flirting Style and What Do Guys Think of It?

Mostly A’s: The Shy Flirt
You are a girl who doesn’t like to make the first move. You’re one to steal coy glances at a guy across the room until he comes over and introduce himself. You’re never very forward in your actions but aren’t afraid to show how you feel privately.

Though many guys like the demure, mysterious appearance you give off, be wary of seeming aloof and closed off. He won’t try forever to crack your shell so don’t take forever to warm up. Surprise him with some completely out-of-character PDA every now and then to keep your relationship exciting and unpredictable.

What He Really Thinks:
“This is the type of girl that intrigues me. I am the type of person to walk over and start a conversation with this girl. I am curious about why she hasn't made a move yet, and this draws me in. This can be very sexy if done right.” –Anonymous, San Diego State University
“It's pretty inconvenient. Being familiar with one girl who is a shy flirt may make you think that a girl who just happens to glance at you a few times is into you, and then BAM! You strike out with this stranger.” –Peter, University of Iowa
“That'd be the most attractive because that's when you know she's not a floozy. This seems like a girl who I would most likely end up in a relationship with.” –Phil, Ohio University
“That is the best kind of girl in my opinion. I like the idea of an old-fashioned relationship and I think that starts with the guy making the first move. That being said, the girl should still show that she is interested.” –Shaun, University of Iowa
Mostly B’s: The Forward Flirt

You are the type of girl that will very obviously flirt with a guy anywhere, anytime, around anyone. You’re one to walk straight up to a guy and introduce yourself or give him a naughty compliment. You’ll never leave your guy wondering what is on your mind.

Being forward about your feelings is an admirable quality, but be sure you do so in an appropriate and timely matter. A quiet coffee shop is not the right place to loudly announce how sexy your guy’s butt looks in his new jeans. Show him a bit of your softer side and watch him melt.

What He Really Thinks:
“This girl is fun to party with and definitely knows how to have a good time. If she can pick and choose when it’s proper to act flirty and when to act like your girlfriend, then that is the perfect mix. The harm comes when some girls don't have an off switch when it comes to this and act upfront all the time.” –Anonymous, San Diego State University
“I like when this happens because it gets me talking to the girl and interested in getting to know her one-on-one.” –Peter, University of Iowa
“This seems like someone I wouldn't be calling the next day.” –Phil, Ohio University
“That kind of girl is generally just a fling for me. In my experiences, girls with that much courage tend to burn out quickly.” –Shaun, University of Iowa
Mostly C’s: The Playful Flirt
You are someone who can hang with the boys just as well as you can hang with your girls. You often rely on humor and lighthearted fun to connect with a guy. There is never a shortage of goofiness and laughter in your relationships.

While it is great to build relationships based not only on sexual attraction but friendship, too, make sure boys don’t begin to see you as one of them. Treat him to a peek at your girly side to show him that you definitely aren’t one of the guys.

What He Really Thinks:
“This is not my type of girl. If I want to hang out and watch the game, I want to do that with my buddies. I don't want to watch it with my girl, no matter how comfortable she is around my friends. I want my girl to act like a girl, not one of the guys.” –Anonymous, San Diego State University
“The best thing ever. For me, looking for a girlfriend isn't looking for a girlfriend. It's thinking, ‘Wow, not only do I like hanging out with this girl because we have tons of fun, but she also is hot as f**k!’ –Peter, University of Iowa
“Sounds like someone I want to hang out with, but I wouldn't really consider this flirting.” –Phil, Ohio University
“A great girl should be able to do this. I don't think watching football is mutually exclusive to also enjoying a night out.” –Shaun, University of Iowa