Quiz: What's Your Flirting Style and What Do Guys Think of It?

It’s the quintessential rom-com moment. What we hopeless romantics live and breathe for. Guy sees girl. Girl sees guy. A connection is obvious, palpable. What happens next?

Well, that’s up to you.

Evident or not, most of us have honed in on what we think is the perfect flirting style. But, what do guys think of it? That is who we are trying to impress, trying to catch—dare I say. Shouldn’t we be aware of the message we are giving off according to real college boys?

Wonder no more. Take the quiz below to discover your flirting style and what he really thinks of it.

1. You and your girls are out at a party when you spy the most gorgeous guy you’ve ever laid eyes on. You’re dying to get him to pay you some attention so you:

     a. Keep stealing glances at him until he comes over to introduce himself.

     b. Saunter right past him, running your hand down his back, and wink as you turn around and walk away.

     c. Bet him he can’t get more phone numbers than you in five minutes. Whoever wins has to treat the other person to a drink.

2. At the bars, your go-to drink is a:

     a. Rum and Coke—classic and simple, just like you.

     b. Sex on the beach—the name says it all.

     c. Beer—easy to carry around and promotes the no-fuss image you’re all about.

3. It’s the end of a fantastic first date and you want to show Mr. Right just how much you enjoyed his company. You:

     a. Wait for him to lean in and then treat him to a series of sweet, little kisses before thanking him and walking inside.

     b. Grab his neck and pull him in for a deep, sultry smooch and whisper in his ear asking when you’ll see him next.

     c. Hop on and hold on tight as he gives you a piggy back up to your front door.

4. Your flirting style soul sister is:

     a. Rory Gilmore from Gilmore Girls—she’s not one to make the first move but isn’t afraid to show her affection privately and simply.

     b. Samantha Jones from Sex and the City—it takes courage and confidence to show a guy exactly how you are feeling.

     c. Pam Beesly from The Office—there’s nothing better than planning a practical joke to get closer to a crush.

5. It’s 9 o’clock on a Friday night and you and your guy are enjoying a calm evening in front of the TV. Just the two of you are home and you’re in the mood for a little TLC. To cue him in you:

     a. Cuddle up to his side and rest your hand on his knee.

     b. Take the clicker, turn off the television and straddle his lap.

     c. Ask him to join you in a one-on-one game of strip poker.

6. Your idea of the perfect date is:

     a. A viewing of the new, guy-friendly romantic comedy where he can put his arm around you and coyly hold  your hand in the theater.

     b. A late evening at the club so you have an excuse to press your body against his as you dance the night

     c. A day at the local amusement park filled with roller coasters, cotton candy, and plenty of laughs.

7. To really impress your guy the next time you hang out, you’ll wear:

     a. A flirty, floral skirt with a bright shirt and fun wedge sandals.

     b. A bandage dress that shows off the curves you’ve worked so hard for at the gym and your highest pair of heels.

     c. Your comfiest, hip-hugging jeans and a loose t-shirt with the name of both of your favorite band emblazoned across the front.