The Mind Games Collegiettes Play with Guys (& Why You Should Stop)

Games are fun, aren’t they? Though we’ve graduated from our Candy Land and Barbie days, we still gravitate toward playing games – mind games, that is. But now, instead of messing around with Ken dolls, we’ve got some real boys with whom we can play.
For some, it’s addictive to mess around with a guy’s mind. But as the infrequent mind tricks turn into month-long tournaments of game playing, the appeal is lost. All a guy wonders is who the crazy lady who replaced his sweet girlfriend is.
So, are we really the brain ninjas that Dane Cook makes all women out to be, planting detonators in our guys’ heads just to set them off? Read below to find out the dos and don’ts of navigating the most common games of love.

Scenario: Your guy texts you to say he’s leaving to pick you up in five minutes, but you’re sitting in the bathroom with no makeup on and only half of your hair straightened.
Don’t: Respond, “Okay, just honk, and I’ll come meet you outside!”
Why: Collegiettes, honesty really is the best policy. You know you won’t be ready by the time he gets to your place, so why the charade? If it’s to make a big entrance as you waltz into the living room where he’s been sitting and stewing for half an hour, you can make just as big of an impression when on time. If it’s because you’re secretly bitter that you settled upon his choice of restaurant, there’s always next Saturday. Show him a little respect for actually taking you out instead of making you spend the night watching him play Xbox with his friends.
Do: Immediately respond by saying, “I’m actually running a little behind, and I don’t want to make you wait. Can you give me 20 more minutes? So excited for tonight!”
Why: He may be a little annoyed that you didn’t plan your time better, but at least he can wait in the comfort of his own home instead of in your living room. Be sure to add in an apology and a little line about your excitement for the night so that he knows you still care.

Scenario: You finally succeeded in dragging your guy to the mall with you, and you’re trying on a dress that you know makes you look like a hundred bucks.

Don’t: Saunter out of the dressing room and ask your guy, “Does this make me look fat?”
Why: Really? You’re going to ask this question? If he says no, then you will probably over analyze the tone, pronunciation and inflection of his response and eventually convince yourself he’s lying – causing you to run back into the dressing room, sobbing and leaving him speechless. If he says yes, then you will still end up running back into the dressing room, sobbing and leaving him speechless (you may or may not slap him in the face first, but we discourage this). Plus, asking, “Does this make me look fat?” is the most obvious mind game a collegiette™ can play on a guy; he will probably see right through you, and it definitely won’t make him like you more – no matter how good you look in that dress.
Do: Peek outside and ask, “Will you zip me up?” as you turn around.
Why: You were looking for his attention before, and now you’ve definitely got it. His wide-eyed appreciation for the way the dress hugs your every curve is all the approval you could’ve ever wanted from him.