Guys' Take On: Your Down-There Hair Grooming Style

Have you ever been about to hook up with a cute guy when you realized you’ve been so busy that you forgot to manage your hair situation down there? As collegiettes, we worry about bad hair days; it’s hard enough having to worry about how the hair on our head looks, let alone how it looks on other parts of our bodies. But should we even worry? We often wonder, will he be grossed out? Will he say anything about it? Does it matter?

We talked to 15 college guys and picked their brains on grooming in that private area and what style they prefer on you. Even though guys' opinions shouldn't completely sway your grooming decisions, aren’t you still curious to know what they think?

Most guys say ‘no’ to going unshaved

All but one guy we talked to say they are not fans of the au naturel look. Many even find the natural look to be a sign of poor hygiene (we know this is not true, but they don’t) and say that an unkempt pubic area is a major turn-off.

“As much as guys are stereotyped for being unclean and not caring about things being messy, girls’ hygiene down there is the number one, unanimous exception to the rule,” says HC’s Real Live College Guy Pat Bradley, a junior at Merrimack College.

About 33 percent of guys mentioned that they find hair inconvenient when they want to hook up with you. “Anything unshaved can be gross, especially if she wants you to go to town down there,” says Pat. “If I see she hasn’t shaved really close, it’s an instant turn-off and it can affect my decision on hooking up again.”
“Some stubble on occasion is one thing, but since girls shave most of their [body] hair anyway, why not shave down there?” says Andy, a senior from San Francisco State University.

“I like [giving oral sex to] my girl [and] it’s easier when there’s a clear canvas,” says Jacob, a senior at the College of William and Mary.

Other guys aren't as bothered by hair. Mike*, a senior at Fordham University, doesn’t mind a bit of hair, as long as it’s not out of control. “A small bush is not bad, but when it is really bushy, then it gets a little uncomfortable. If a girl likes [or] wants to receive oral, then she should be aware that having a bush can make a guy less likely to do it. But having a small bush is totally fine.”

Although Gordy*, a senior at Kwantlen Polytechnic University, doesn’t prefer a lot of hair, he’s not repulsed by it either. “[It’s] not my favorite, but [it's] not disgusting the way some guys might say [it is].”