Guys’ Take On: Fall 2013 Fashion Trends

The beginning of fall means a lot of things: new classes, new boy toys, stacks of September issues in your dorm room and new style trends. As much as you loved sporting a maxi dress this past season, you’re probably itching to trade in your tees and sandals for cozy knits and riding boots. Whether you obsessively watched every fall 2013 runway show or just noticed a few similarities when going back-to-school shopping, fall’s hottest trends have finally arrived. And while we may love plaid pieces and oversized jackets, we can’t help but wonder what guys think about these trends—after all, they had so much to say about those summer fashion trends. Are they just as smitten with thigh-high boots as we are, or do they think it’s a major faux pas? We asked real collegents for their opinions on the top 10 fall trends––check out what they had to say!

1. Sweatshirts

We know what you’re thinking: you might scream if you see one more sweat suit on campus. And if you’re one of those sweat suit-wearing collegiettes, you’re probably going to scream if you hear one more snarky comment about wearing them to class. Luckily, this cozy trend makes both parties happy. The geniuses behind Givenchy, Reed Krakoff and 3.1 Phillip Lim have spiced up the lazy day essential with funky graphics and fabrics. So even though you’re still wearing sweats, the innovative makeover is effortlessly chic. But what do collegents think of this trend?

  • “A comfy look is always super hot, as long as there isn’t too much pizzazz,” says Ben Rader, a senior at Washington University in St. Louis. “Too much pizzazz equals trying too hard.”
  • “I’m all about functionality and affordability, and it is for that reason that I don’t see the reason for ‘trendy’ sweats,” says Dale Lavine, a junior at Virginia Commonwealth University and HC’s resident Real Live College Guy. “Grey Champion brand sweatpants work just as well as high fashion brand sweatpants and they probably cost half as much.”
  • “They are kind of hilarious though, because now something of leisure is so expensive and ‘chic,’” says Ramsey Musk, a junior at Boston University. “But I think they are really fun.”

How to Wear It

Since collegents are the unofficial kings of lazy attire—some of them don’t even wear belts—it only makes sense that this trend receives their stamp of approval. The great thing about this trend is that you can dress it up or down based on your audience. Your boy toy probably isn’t too concerned with the latest trends, so he’ll love it when you couple a trendy sweatshirt with a pair of skinny jeans. As for hanging out with your fashion-forward friends, mix it up by styling this piece with some leather shorts or slouchy trousers. Surprisingly, stylish sweats are a sartorial win-win!

2. Capes

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s… a super trendy collegiette! With an array of sleek silhouettes and fun colors, this fall proves that capes aren’t just for superheroes. Instead, brands such as Chloé and Tadashi Shoji deem the cape a chic alternative to a jacket. Unfortunately, our panel of college guys isn’t so smitten with this statement piece.

  • “Capes should be left to Batman and those trying to wingsuit jump,” says Ben R.
  • “Are you a wizard?” asks Ben Bergstrom, a senior at SUNY Geneseo. “If so, then by all means wear a cape! If not, maybe a jacket would be a better choice.”
  • “I’m not totally against capes… you know, I think they look great on figures like Batman,” says Dale. “As for anyone else? I’m not sure. They don’t seem to serve any particular purpose, and maybe it’s just me, but they don’t seem that flattering, either.”
  • “I think they are so cool when done right, just no Harry Potter capes and I think you’ll be fine,” says Ramsey.

How to Wear It

Though your girlfriends may gush over your adorable cape, your beau is probably

going to think it’s weird that you’re dressing up like a superhero. We blame it on the hours guys have spent watching The Justice League. Rid any and all thoughts of Wonder Woman by pairing this piece with skinny jeans and booties. The different proportions will make a statement without intimidating your guy.

3. Oversized Coats

Thanks to the Olsen twins’ boho chic era, oversized clothing has been a key trend season after season. For the next few months, it’s all about supersized jackets. Carven and Céline juxtaposed the boxy shape with delicate pastels, while Rochas gave this masculine trend a feminine twist with delicate patterns. When it comes to oversized jackets, our collegent panel is torn.

  • “Besides resembling garbage bags, these are also ugly because they completely hide a girl’s figure,” says Ben R.
  • “I dig it. Oversized jackets seem to have a sort of simple elegance that is hard to find in other styles of coats,” says Ben B.
  • “I’m not big on oversized jackets, really,” says Dale. “I don’t see the practicality. What are jackets for? To stay warm. What happens when you’re wearing an oversized coat in the middle of a downpour or a blizzard? I’ll tell you what happens: You go from wearing an already overweight dry jacket to an even more overweight wet one. On the upside, at least the blouse you’re wearing underneath is dry.”
  • “They are kind of perfect because you don’t really need that much else to make a statement because your coat is doing that for you,” says Ramsey.

How to Wear It

Instead of ditching this trend because some guys think it hides your figure, flaunt your shape by sporting a fitted dress underneath and adding a pair of heels. This ensemble is perfect for date night --what guy wouldn’t love this feminine and sexy ensemble? Exactly.

4. (Faux) Fur

Though faux fur jackets have always been a wardrobe staple, many fall collections took this trend to the next level. From bags to shoes and shirts, Fendi’s fall collection showed us that there’s more ways to wear fur than throwing on a glamorous jacket. But just because fall offers a bevy of fierce pieces doesn’t mean they are collegent-approved.

  • “There’s nothing attractive about a woman in a dead animal,” says Ben R. “You’ll never hear a guy say, ‘Damn, that dead mink really turns me on.’”
  • “It's okay, if you keep it simple,” says Ben B. “In general, I would say that this trend is useful if you're looking to impress someone, but not for a stroll to the supermarket.”
  • “There’s nothing wrong with fur, at least not in small amounts,” says Dale. “I’m okay with a little fur lining here or some fur piping there––it’s when people start to look like they’re wearing horses or wolves that I start to get a little iffy.”
  • “The problem with fur for me is that you kind of have to go all out. Doing just the cuffs and/or collar can leave you looking like a general,” says Ramsey. “At the same time, though, too much fur can be overwhelming.”

How to Wear It

We get it, we get it: guys don’t love this trend. However, that doesn’t mean you have to throw all your faux fur away. Save your coveted leopard coat for a girl’s night, but sport an equally soft alternative when hitting the town with your guy: velvet is just as plush, and it’s guy-proof!