Five New Places to Meet Guys on Campus This Fall

Everyone thinks parties are the go-to spot for meeting guys at college, but you don’t have to attend every frat party to find the man of your dreams (and it’s unclear if it would lead to that, anyway!).
When you first arrive on campus, it seems so easy to meet a future man. They’re everywhere. And cute. But before you can set up Sunday lunch dates, first you have to talk to him.
Last year you scoped out the usual campus guy-hunting spots: the dorm, the library, in classes. You found a few cuties, but nothing to write home about. Plus, after a while, you start to see the same guys in the library or at breakfast in the dining hall each week, and then you wonder where all the cute, single guys you could have sworn existed on your campus went.
Looking for some new boys to meet to start the fall semester on the right track? Here are five often-overlooked places to meet guys on campus, and some tips to initiate conversation.
Instead of: The Dorm Lounge
Try: The Laundry Room

Sure you’ve seen him walking through the dorm halls every day, but he’s always with his group of rowdy bros – not the best time and place for a flirty introduction.
The laundry room is perfect for finally getting to talk to him. It’s usually pretty empty, with a few people coming in to switch their laundry, and you know you’ll be back there a few times over the next two hours.  Plus, there’s often dead waiting time while you wait for a machine to finish.
Find an empty washer or dryer within earshot so that it’s easy to start a convo. If there’s no machine next to him, pick one across from him, you’ll be able to catch his eye as you throw your laundry in the washer.
Try “forgetting” your laundry detergent or dryer sheets and ask to borrow his. Tell him you’ll owe him detergent next time and that you’ll be doing laundry on Sunday if he wants to take you up on the offer. There’s no commitment, but if he walks in the laundry room that day, you’ll know he’s interested.  And it never hurts to do laundry.

Instead of: The Dining Hall
Try: The Local Coffee Shop

The dining hall is always a supposed hot spot for meeting boys. Generally where there’s food, there are guys. But, the dining hall tends to get crowded, and that kills any chance of catching someone’s eye, or finding a quiet space to talk.
A better option is to head to a local café or coffee shop. It will be much quieter, and is sure to be serving a few college cuties from your campus.
Before you order, ask the guy next to you in line, or at the table nearby what he recommends getting. Even if you’ve been there before and have a menu favorite, tell him you’re trying to switch it up, and ask what he orders. He’ll be more than happy to give you advice.
Or, if you’re already seated at a table, catch the eye of the guy walking in. If he feels you seem friendly and outgoing, he may even ask to join you after he’s gotten his order. Guys aren’t likely to join anyone they feel intimidated by, so you want to seem approachable. A smile usually does the trick.

Instead of: Parties
Try: Other Social Events and Activities:

Parties can be loud and sloppy.  But sporting events, concerts, and fundraisers are great social places to meet guys where it’s a little saner. You’ll already have something in common – an interest in a certain type of music, passion for a cause, or school spirit.
For the sporty boy type, hit up a club or intramural sports event, or cheer on your school at a game.
As Kristen Whaley from Miami University of Ohio says, “You already obviously (to him anyway) have something in common if you are going to watch sports, and it’s easy to start a conversation about the upcoming game.”
Ask him how many games he’s been to so far that season, or what other teams he watches at school.
Crystal Greene from Johnson State College met her boyfriend at a snowboarding fundraiser for breast cancer.
“It showed his concern for others, and I saw his amazing snowboarding skills!” Greene said.
If you’re looking for the cute musician type, take Mariel Loveland’s advice.
“Hot guys always hang out in the music building!” Mariel from SUNY Purchase College said.