Dating Younger: What Freshman Guys Really Think of You


Breaking news: Cougars ‘rob the cradle’ on college campuses across the country. Okay, so older women dating younger men is nothing new. We have our classic example of Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore making it work, and their relationship is in definite “cougar territory.” But if you’re an older collegiette™ who’s worried about the “cougar label,” you should know that a two or three-year age difference doesn’t make you a cougar. The politically correct term is puma, according to dating coach David Wygant.
More specifically, a puma is a young woman “who has sport sex with younger men,” Wygant says. In fact, the puma’s only interest is sex, but we advise that you try to avoid undressing every freshman guy with your eyes. As for negative puma stereotypes, ignore them and be confident in your choices. If you and your freshman guy both realize you’re not looking for anything serious, go ahead and have some safe, sexy fun.
Happy hunting!

Beer Supplier

A lot of bars and clubs won’t admit anyone under 21. That means he can’t go with you and your friends for a night out. While your friends are at the bar, you can stay in and hang out with your younger man. To remedy the problem, he may casually suggest you bring the bar to him (meaning you go buy him beer). Obviously, for legal reasons, you don’t really want to become the beer supplier for him and his underage friends.
Your age difference may bring up more awkward social situations like this. Be upfront and tell him you don’t plan on becoming his beer supplier, designated driver or the like anytime soon. You’re his girlfriend, and that comes with enough benefits.

Yue Xu, dating coach on, says, “Don’t volunteer to buy him alcohol. If you do, it makes it easy for him, and he’ll assume you like being the ‘beer supplier.’ Also, setting boundaries and letting him know your uneasiness with the situation will keep him from equating you with the role of ‘beer supplier.’”

Collegiettes™, will you be checking out the new crop of campus cuties this fall? Do you think freshman guys are “boyfriend material,” or is it best to just admire them from afar? Let us know in the comments below!
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