Dating Younger: What Freshman Guys Really Think of You

Bad Teacher

He came to college to learn, right? As the older woman, you can probably teach him a thing or two about college life, dorm living and, yes, bedroom activities. If you find yourself in the teacher position, just avoid being presumptuous. It’s easy to be condescending, but don’t assume he doesn’t know anything just because he’s younger.
Ellie Scarborough and Amy Lynch of Pink Kisses say, “A fling with a younger guy can be fun and liberating, and it can even teach you things you didn’t expect to learn. There will likely be an element of instruction on your part, though, so be prepared to guide him a little – both emotionally and physically – and, likewise, be prepared for him to be anything from a model student to a total behavior problem.”

As long as you avoid having a know-it-all attitude, sharing your knowledge with him can be a positive learning experience for both of you. Just keep an open mind, and who knows? You may learn from him, too.

Makeshift Mommy

Incoming freshmen look forward to leaving home and gaining independence at college, but once they get on campus, the reality of their sweet freedom starts to settle in. You remember what that’s like: kind of scary. If you decide to date a freshman, resist mothering and smothering him – it’s very unattractive. He may claim he doesn’t know how to do laundry, make friends, find his classrooms and other various things, but you can’t baby him.
So what if he shrinks all his clothes and accidentally dyes them pink? He just learned a lesson in laundry. You don’t want him to become overly dependent on you. That’s not good for him or you.
“Yes, women mature ten times faster than men, but it’s proven that women drive men away by becoming their mother in relationships,” says love coach Lorna Osunsanmi. “The effect of dating a younger man could be that you practice how not to turn into his mother. You will be forced to come up with creative ways to share what you know while not being a bully or too pushy.”
Just because he’s younger than you doesn’t mean he’s a child, and you shouldn’t treat him as one. If you respect and regard him as the adult (or, at least, college boy) he is, then he’ll appreciate you more for it.