Home From College? Here’s How To Bumble In Your Hometown

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You’ve accomplished a lot this semester and should be so proud of yourself! No matter what your school situation looked like, you can probably add ‘pivoting’ to your resume’s skills section. With everything on your plate, don’t stress if you didn’t find time to meet the partner of your dreams. Now that winter break is beginning and you’re headed home, you can find some time at home to focus on yourself and your love life. A dating app (like Bumble, duh) is the perfect platform to reintroduce yourself to the hometown crowd on your schedule.

More likely than not, you’ve changed a lot since high school graduation, and your high school classmates probably have too! Whether you’ve traveled far from home for school or attended a local college, you’ve met new people, found fresh interests, created new goals, and undoubtedly have some incredible stories to tell. All of this personal growth sets you up to connect with people from your hometown in a whole new way.

Just because the night before Thanksgiving can no longer be a huge gathering at your fave local bar, you can still find that cutie you were crushing on throughout 10th grade (great news, they’re single now!). So make a night of it and *virtually* grab your best friends, update your profile to showcase your pics from last semester, and check out who else is home for the holidays! You never know who was secretly interested in you, and now is the perfect time to find out...

Now that you’ve curated your profile to represent the new college you, it’s time to start matching. Oh, and ICYMI, on Bumble, women always make the first move! So the ball is really in your court for how you want to date on Bumble. The Question Game is one of our favorite ways to build a convo. It's a sure way to spark a flirty debate with a hometown match. In any chat conversation, you can press “Start Question Game.” You can then type your own or randomly shuffle one of Bumble’s questions. Both you and your match have to respond before either answer is revealed. It’s a super fun way to learn about your match and stay entertained while at home.

Once you've chatted for a bit and played the Question Game once (or twice!), you may want to take things to the next level. Even though you might be only a few miles apart, you can still take advantage of the Bumble app’s Video and Voice call capabilities. If that goes well, have an open conversation about your comfort level of IRL hangouts, including mask-wearing and Covid-19 testing. And before you know it, you may have found someone great in your hometown (just in time to head back to school and tell your college friends *all* about it)! 

If you’re not on Bumble already, click here to download the app and make some moves on your time and from your location. For more tips and tricks on how to date right now, check out Bumble’s 2021 Dating Guide.