The Best & Worst Spots to Hook Up This Summer

The Balcony

Balconies are great places to hang out and chill with your girlfriends on warm summer nights. They can also be très romantic. But don’t forget that PEOPLE CAN SEE YOU. If you choose to take a man-friend out on your balcony for a “drink,” keep it PG. And enjoy the view, of course.
Ranking: 9 of 10 (city chic)


Hot Tub

Okay, remember that rumor you were TOTALLY SURE was true when you heard it in the 9th grade? Yeah, it’s not true. You can get pregnant in hot tubs. Super hot water doesn’t kill sperm; it gives you a UTI, more likely. Either keep it PG or head to dry land when things get, uh, steamy.

Ranking: 2 of 10 (when’s the last time this thing was cleaned??)

A Lake

According to collegiettes in the know, a lake hook-up offers the same ambiance of the beach but with less sand and mess. I like to think it offers a nice summer camp vibe – why not paddle out in a canoe and get frisky?
Ranking: 8 of 10 (even if you fall in, you’ll still have fun)

Ice Cream Stand

The one thing I look forward to all winter long is authentic handmade ice cream from the local stand. Why not add to the sweetness by bringing a hottie along? You’ll have to keep it family friendly, but making out on a sugar high is something everyone should do at least once.\

Ranking: 7 of 10 (get creative with the whipped cream once you’re in private)

In a Tent

Summer may be a great time to go camping (you know, if you’re into that sort of thing), but I have one thing to say about getting freaky in what is basically an oversized rain parka: BUG BITES. Do you want these on areas of skin you normally don’t expose? Didn’t think so. If you’re deep in the woods, keep your clothes on.
Ranking: 1 of 10 (OFF! isn’t made for everywhere)
There you have it, collegiettes. We hope you take our advice and hook up in spots that make your summer hotter than ever. Do you have any favorite summer hook-up spots? Tell us in the comments below!

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