The Best & Worst Spots to Hook Up This Summer

Summer means one thing to me. Okay, so maybe more than one thing (I momentarily forgot about Beyonce's new album).  But at least one of the five best things about summer is the opportunity to hook up in new and exciting locations. Winter left us stuck inside (yawn), but with warm weather comes a whole new crop (pun intended) of places to get down to business. Some are better (read: less illegal)  than others, so read on for HC’s best and worst hook-up spots and start mapping out your weekends!
The Beach

Anyone who’s ever tried to order a drink underage knows the infamy of Sex on the Beach.  While it may sound totally romantic and exotic, HC votes “no” on this tried-but-not-true location. You know when you lay out on the beach, and even though you’re on a towel, sand ends up, er, everywhere? There are some places where sand should just NOT be. 

Ranking: 3 of 10 (it’s really just the sand thing… oh and possible charge for indecent exposure)

The Dugout at Your Local Ballpark

Head to your old high school or a Little League park close by (after hours, please – the children are our future) for a guy-approved romp. Dressing up for the occasion is a tad (read: WAY) over the top, but definitely wear something you can get dirty in.

Ranking: 7 of 10 (good, clean American fun)

The Bar Bathroom

Ladies, ladies, ladies … this is not a very lady like spot to be intimate. I mean, people walking in and out, the whole hiding-in-a-stall thing and not to mention all the bacteria should deter you from going this route. However, if there is a one-person bathroom with a locking door, you could be in business. Just remember what your mother always told you: DON’T TOUCH ANYTHING.

Ranking: 5 of 10 (relative privacy, yes; cleanliness, no)

Movie Theater

Summer’s the time for all the big blockbusters (The Dark Knight Rises, anyone?), but just because you’re seeing a movie doesn’t mean you should get down during it. Sticky seats and nosy, watchful tweens make for a not-so-romantic experience. Better to spend the movie in anticipation of a steamy hook-up after the credits end.
Ranking: 4 of 10 (you were really gonna divert your attention away from Magic Mike when Channing Tatum could be shirtless?!)

His Car

Car make-outs are A) everyone’s favorite thing about high school and B) still really fun. Keep it at that though – you don’t want a policeman knocking on the back window and telling you to put your clothes on. Up the ante by heading to a drive-in movie theater (if there is one near you) and get your Danny and Sandy on.

Ranking: 8 of 10 (nostalgia)