The 7 Majors with the Hottest Guys

5. Finance
I will be forever indebted to all of these number-crunching money whizzes for inspiring this list. One wrong stumble into the finance department’s building turned out to be the biggest eye candy treat I’ve ever had. Button-down sleeves rolled up to the elbow, sexy slacks plus a briefcase in hand? Hello, Mr. Dreamboat. These smart guys have senses of responsibility that are a truly attractive change to the string of Mr. Wrongs you’ve been dating. Take a chance on a date with a finance major, enjoy a wonderful dinner and never struggle over figuring out the tip again. (No judgment – it can be seriously difficult to do math in the presence of such a hottie.)

6. International Studies
A major that touts the benefits of global awareness roughly equates to a guy who wants to travel the world, preferably with you. On a yacht. Or a private jet would be just fine, too. Not only is an interest in the world’s happenings and cultures alluring, it reveals a high tolerance of acceptance and understanding, which will come in handy when you inevitably drop your guard and let your inner freak flag fly. Forget the judgment and worrying with this guy. (And start planning your around-the-world-in-80-days honeymoon.)

7. Any Foreign Language
Any guy with a knack for words and an ability to use proper grammar is a plus in my book. Add in a nonnative tongue, and I’m sold. Think of the intoxicatingly sexy conversations you could have. You, hanging onto his every word. Him, spewing out random sentences to appease your yearning ear that may or may not have any applicable relation to, well, anything. Pure bliss.
Note: German, Hebrew and other equally guttural languages need not apply. Ich liebe dichjust doesn’t have the same ring to it as Je t’aime.

Sure, you may have already committed to a different area of study than the ones above, but have no fear. All is definitely not lost. Suggested methods of finagling your way into the hearts of the men with the hottest majors include but are not limited to: crashing large lectures where sitting quarters are tight and an accidental elbow touch or foot tap is inevitable, meeting up with your oh-so-lucky friend who’s in one of the hot-guy-infested majors rightoutside of her classroom while looking all sorts of sexy, or taking up a hot guy-major-related extracurricular activity — to broaden your horizons, of course. No guy can resist a well-rounded gal.
May the force of college romance be with you.

Disclaimer: If you find a hottie with smarts, an ability to express his emotions, and a knack for treating you like a princess, hold on tight and don’t let go — no matter what his major is.