5 Ways To Make Your Hook-Up Buddy (Not) Want to Date You

Bzz, Bzz. That’s the sound of your phone buzzing at 2 a.m. with a text “Hey, want to come over and watch a movie?” A movie? At 2 a.m.? No, no, no - that’s code for “Do you want to hook up?” and by now you know the drill. It’s sad but true: you’re a booty call. Maybe you’re tired of the endless hooking up, the unrelenting horny guy or even just the lack of sleep; whatever your reason, you’re done being a booty call. It’s time to get “your” man on the same page. Follow these tips and trust us, he definitely won’t want to see you again.
1. Tell Him You Want a Relationship

Since your relationship until now has been limited to late-night hook-ups and maybe even a little sexting, there is no better way to stop being a booty call than by pushing for a relationship. The next time you see him, start dropping hints about how happy you are that the two of you are going to be official soon. Make sure to mention that you have already told your mom about him (“she thinks you’re so sweet!”), that you recently started planning a "couple’s retreat" spring break trip, and oh yeah!—you just can’t believe how quickly you fell in love. Swoon. Visions of a psychotic girlfriend will flood his mind (almost instantly – lucky you), and soon he won’t ever want to see you again. Bear in mind, however, that you have to be prepared to be completely done with your booty call – he will definitely be scared away!
2. Experience Hygiene Failure

Okay, so I’m assuming that part of what started this friends-with-benefits relationship was some level of attraction. You think he has a hot body, and he thinks you’re sexy. It’s the perfect combo. It’s almost too easy to ruin any sexual chemistry that exists between the two of you. All you have to do is completely disregard your hygiene, whether it is not brushing your teeth for a few days, letting your hair grow like crazy (not just the hair on your head – we’re talking about your legs, armpits, etc.), and definitely not taking a shower… for at least a week. When you see him, act like nothing has changed. Or better yet, tell him you’re trying a new look, and you love it! He will be undeniably horrified, and I am willing to bet he will stop calling you… forever. Disclaimer: this won’t work for guys who are into the grungy, hippie-chic image; for this type, take a shower instead.