45 Conversation Starters To Use With Any Guy

Ever meet that heartthrob you’ve always dreamed of and suddenly have absolutely nothing to say? Your mind went completely blank and the cat totally caught your tongue? Yeah, we’ve been there too. But, HC is here to save the day once again with our handy dandy list of 45 things to talk about with just about any guy. So say goodbye to those painfully awkward silences and hello to beautifully (yes, beautifully) flowing conversations.

1. “Where are you from?”

2. “How do you know the host (of the party)?”

3. “Did you watch the baseball (basketball, football, etc.) game last night?”

4. “Do you have any pets?”

5. “So, why’d you choose to come to school here?”

6. “Have you traveled anywhere cool lately?”

7. “Do you speak any other languages?”

8. “What’re your post-grad plans? Or are you on a ‘I plan to never, ever leave college’ kind of plan?”

9. “What’d you do this summer? Interned? Beached all day? Partied all night?”

10. “Who’s on your fantasy football team?”

11. “I can’t wait for all my fall TV shows to finally come back. I’m obsessed with How I Met Your Mother, what about you?”

12. “What’s your major?”

13. “In all seriousness, how much do you miss the Olympics?”

14. “Are you in a frat?”

15. “I really like what you’re wearing. Is that your go-to t-shirt?”

16. “Where do you like to hang out on and off campus?”

17. “How old are you?”

18. “What’s your favorite place to eat?”

19. “How’re your classes going?”

20. “Hey, did you get the notes? I missed the last few. I’d love you could help me out.”

21. “Where are you living this year? I’m finally off campus in an apartment!”

22. “I always see you at the gym. I’m such an exercise buff, too. Need someone to spot you?”

23. “This party needs better music. Why don’t we make a playlist on my phone to play?”