11 Reasons to Date a Nerd, as Told by 'The Big Bang Theory'

Everyone has a little bit of nerd inside of them. But what about those guys who are full-on geek? We might tend to avoid or friend-zone nerdy guys, leaving them to their comic books and video games. But why not give them a chance? Though we may overlook geeky guys after we see their superhero T-shirt collections, dating a nerd can come with a lot of benefits. A relationship with a nerd has a great chance to live long and prosper, and the characters on The Big Bang Theory show us why.

1. He can take care of your computer problems.

2. He’ll be extremely clear with you when it comes to defining the relationship.

3. You can brag to your friends about his high IQ.

4. He won’t be afraid to show you his sensitive side.

5. You'll never have to worry about pretending to care or know about sports, because chances are, he doesn’t either.

6. He’ll take you to new places.

7. Your parents will be impressed by his intelligence.

8. He’ll find you the best seat in the house.

9. You don’t have to hide your embarrassing obsessions, because he’ll understand the fixation.

10. He’ll give you thoughtful presents that other guys can’t.

11. And finally, he’ll always use a scientifically proven approach.