8 Signs You've Been Put in the Bro Zone

We always hear guys complain about being put in the friend zone, but rarely do we hear about the roles being reversed. Despite the fact that it is not recognized like the friend zone is, it is certainly still there and more common than you'd think. What do we call this similar catagory that some ladies are placed in amongst their male friends? The Bro Zone. Here are eight signs that you might be one of the bros: 

1. You don't have to force anything.

If a guy that you are dating or talking to is into basketball and you aren't, there is usually an underlying obligation to at least watch a game with him and give it a try. Bros, however, know that you have absolutely no interest in sports (unless you are a sports junkie, in which case they love talking about sports with you) and don't try and force it on you. Odds are, you are bros because you already have a ton of other things in common, so there is no need to try and force anything else.

2. You can be completely yourself around him.

You don't have to act a certain way like you might around a guy you are dating. Normally you might be expected to watch a chick flick, you suggest an action flick or comedy that everyone will enjoy. Instead of barely taking up any room on the couch, you can sprawl accross and lay back with the bros. And, you've probably (accidentally) belched in front of him once, and neither of you really cared or noticed.

3. You talk about your relationships (or lack thereof) and vice versa.

You are so far in the bro zone, that they talk to you about who they like, who likes them and you tell them all the same. Guys do not always like sharing emotions with their bros, nor do they like sharing them with other girls, but you are a perfectly platonic combination, so they tell you everything. You do the same and entrust them with everything, because they will always give you genuine and solid advice that is from another guy's perspective.

4. You go on late-night food runs together.

Luckily, bros understand something that a lot of men that you date seem to forget: Women eat and love it just as much as they do. You are their go-to for midnight runs to Taco Bell, and they don't judge that you order just as much, if not more than they do. He might tease you once in a while, but you know that he really doesn't mind. 

5. You send each other ugly Snapchats.

Normally, you have a certain set of standards for a Snap that is going to a boy. But, he falls right into your ugly Snapchat circle with your roommate and sibling. You might tone it down a notch or two from the ones you send your best friend, but you no longer let down your hair and look for good lighting. This shows what a deep level of trust you have in one another, because if he screenshots just one of those snaps, he will never let you live it down.

6. You crash on each other's couches (and it isn't weird).

It is assumed that if he or his roommates/neighbors are throwing a party, that you get all access to their couch for the night. In case you didn't know, most guys don't sleep in the same bed during sleepovers, they usual crash on the couch or even on the floor. So naturally because you are one of the bros, it totally isn't weird, and the post-party group breakfast outings the next morning are the best. Plus, if you and your roommate get into a fight, he is always there and the door is always open. 

7. You call them by their nickname.

They have a nickname that their bros call them, and obviously that includes you because you are totally a bro. You've accidently called them by their first name once or twice, and it was just weird and uncomfortable. You might even have a nickname, too, or be on the ultimate bro level: they call you by your last name.

8. You tease each other all the time.

You constantly tease each other about anything and everything, and because you two are bros and therefore totally platonic, nothing is off the table and neither one of you has a filter. Although there might be a lot of taunting, it is all done out of love, of course.

It is not always a bad thing to be put in the bro zone. If you are a bro, then that means that they trust you, respect you and feel comfortable around you. You never know, the bro zone (and the friend zone) are never permanent, if you do ever want to get out. But for now, own your status and be the best bro you can be.