8 Campus Cuties Who Are Crazy for Crossfit

Name: Chad Hedlund
School: Wake Forest
Hometown: Argyle, TX
Major: Economics, Minor: Communication
Relationship Status: Single

Her Campus (HC): You’re the kicker for Wake’s football team, right? And you’re doing scrimmages right now. How’s the team looking?
Chad Hedlund (CH): It’s going well, they don’t have us doing much out there yet – us as in the kickers. We don't do too much; it’s kind of an easy life. The other players tend to get a little jealous since it’s the easiest, but the coaches feel like we’ve improved since the first scrimmage.

HC: How are you guys preparing? You have practice pretty early in the morning, right?
CH: We have weights early in the morning on either Monday/Wednesday or Wednesday/Friday at 6 or 7. Then we have film or meetings before practice, around 3:45 [in the afternoons] and practice starts around 5.

HC: So, not a lot of free time for you guys?
CH: Not so much, in the gaps where we should have free time we have class or tutoring.

HC: So what’s your favorite professional team?
CH: Unfortunately, my home team is the Cowboys; but they haven’t been too hot lately. I’ve been drifting toward the Patriots just because my favorite player is Tom Brady.

HC: A little man crush?
CH: He’s been my favorite player since, like, the sixth grade. That’s why my jersey number has been 12. I love the man; I love everything about him and everything he stands for…even if people think he’s a baby, he’s a great guy.

HC: Yeah, people can hate on him, like with those pictures of what he used to look like.
CH: Yeah I mean, come on, he works harder than anybody – he puts in the time, you’ve got to give credit where credit is due. Once upon a time I wrote him an email in sixth grade…he did not write me back. I’m pretty sure it was my grandparents who wrote me back pretending to be him.

HC: (Laughs) Really? That’s so cute!
CH: Nah, I’m just kidding.

HC: Do you see yourself going pro like your idol?
CH: I think that’s the reason why I came to college to kick. I’ve always had the inspiration to go to the pros, but if I don’t I would want to be a sports agent.

HC: I can totally see you doing that.
CH: Yeah, I would love to be a sports agent, but that’s why I continue to practice hard and weight train, to hopefully make it professionally.

HC: What are some of your favorite workouts and ways to keep healthy?
CH: A few of my guys on the team like to do CrossFit training, so sometimes I try to jump in with them and do some of those workouts. Besides that, I do a lot of curls for the girls. Lots of the guys on the team get pissed at me because I do the beach workout.

HC: (Laughs) What’s the beach workout?
CH: Bis, tris, abs, and chest.

HC: (Laughs) Oh, wow.
CH: Whatever gets the ladies a likin’. So also squat thrusts.

HC: You’re from Texas, anything about you that’s a Texan man?
CH: Everything. I actually own a pair of cowboy boots, but I didn’t until I got to college.

HC: They’re not red, like on “How I Met Your Mother,” right?
CH: (Laughs) Not red, they’re actually brown. But I do like to country-dance, and country concerts are awesome.

HC: What do you do in your spare time?
CH: I like to play golf, just sit out and find stuff to do with friends, see whatever’s going on around campus or maybe go to the trampoline park or Pilot Mountain. Hopefully there will be some pool parties soon, those would be sick to go to.

HC: Do you have any nicknames?
CH: “Chadwick,” “Chattles,” “Donkey” has been thrown around a lot lately, I don’t know where that came from.

HC: What stands out as some of your favorite memories at Wake so far?
CH: Well for football, it would be the Virginia game because, fortunately, I was able to go out there and get three field goals. I got to win the game for us, so that was pretty sick.

HC: That was awesome; I remember that. We cheered so loud for you.
CH: Yeah, that was a pretty great experience for my first game.

HC: You’re a pretty snappy dresser, like with your pinstripe pants. How would you describe your style?
CH: My friends think my style is quite unusual. In my ideal style, I’d be in a tux every day. Kind of like Barney Stinson, a pinstripe suit would be the best. Sexy. Whatever the ladies find appealing.

HC: (Laughs) So you like to look good?
CH: Right, I like to look good. I mean, if guys expect girls to dress up, then guys should dress up too. 

HC: Okay, lets get into some fun questions. What’s your biggest pet peeve?
CH: A girl that is a know-it-all.

HC: If you could eat one thing for the rest of your life what would it be?
CH: If I could eat fast food every day and still look like Tom Cruise in “Top Gun,” I would.

HC: Boxers or briefs?
CH: Briefs.

HC: What’s your favorite beer?
CH: Whatever the lady across the bar thinks is best.

HC: Who would your celebrity crush be?
CH: Jennifer Aniston. She ages like wine.

HC: (Laughs) These are great. What’s the cheesiest pickup line you’ve ever used, and did it work?
CH: How much does a polar bear weigh? Enough to break the ice. Works every time.

HC:  I’ve heard that. Ideal girl?
CH: Smart, clever, cute. Just a good, fun, nice girl. And if she looks like Jennifer Aniston… 

HC: (Laughs) She’s pretty perfect. Ideal first date with your Jennifer Aniston?
CH: I would say taking her to a nice restaurant, something casual. If we hit it off, I’d take her to do something unusual and fun, something out of the ordinary so she would know she’s special.

HC: What’s your life motto?
CH: Never let your fear decide your fate.

*Article by Madeline Goode