8 Campus Cuties Who Are Crazy for Crossfit

Name: Marcus Lauria
School: Wake Forest
Year: Sophomore
Hometown: West Chester, Pa.
Relationship Status: Single
Major: Physics
Minor: Math and possibly Middle Eastern and South Asia Studies (MESA)
Personal Motto: The pain of discipline is far less than the pain of regret

HC (Her Campus): So you’re a member of ROTC. What’s that like?
ML (Marcus Lauria): I love it—it’s definitely a huge time commitment though. We workout three to five days a week in the morning, have classes every week, and a lab where we perform military skills. It’s just been a great experience so far…I was in Africa over the summer for an ROTC program, which was insane. We trained with the Togolese military and helped them learn conversational English for a month.

HC: What influenced your decision to take part in ROTC?
ML: My dad was on track to be a Navy SEAL but had an accident that kept him out of it, so he’s instilled those values in me. When I began to research ROTC my junior year of high school I realized very quickly that it was the path I wanted to take. My older sister did it and my best friend from home is in it now too, which is really cool.

HC: What else are you involved in on campus?
ML: I’m the process of becoming a member of Pi Kappa Alpha right now. I’m also a captain on the club basketball team—that’s was always my sport throughout high school. So those and ROTC are the three big things I’m involved in.

HC: So what’s a typical day like for you?
ML: I wake up around 5:30 a.m., go to PT (physical training) at 6 a.m., workout, study or do some last second homework, go to class, usually go workout again either at the ROTC department or the Miller Center, and then study.

HC: So it seems like you are a pretty athletic guy. Do you have a more sensitive side?
ML: I mean, I am definitely a huge Taylor Swift fan and a lot of my buddies mess with me for that. But I wouldn’t actually say I’m too, too sensitive.

HC: Now for the stuff everyone really wants to know—what qualities do you look for in a girl?
ML: For me, the number one quality is a girl who is really into fitness. Also someone who understands my sense of humor, and definitely a really nice smile.

HC: What normally makes for a good first impression of a girl?
ML: Someone who is outgoing and who can make me laugh right away.

HC: What are three adjectives you would use to describe yourself?
ML: I’d say outgoing, hardworking, and funny.

HC: What is something people might be surprised to know about you?
ML: I have never had a girlfriend…that’s a good one. I played a lot of basketball in high school so I guess I never had time for that or found the right girl. I’m also kind of a big science nerd sometimes.

HC: What is your biggest pet peeve?
ML: People complaining when they have no reason to be complaining. I feel like most people here are in a very good position and sometimes take a lot of stuff for granted.

HC: Who has been the most influential person in your life?
ML: Definitely my dad. I mean, since I could walk he had a basketball in my hand and made sure I was knocking out absurd amounts of pushups every day. He’s the one person I can always talk to no matter what is going on.

HC: What is one thing you want to do before you graduate?
ML: It would be really cool to take home first place at the ROTC Ranger Challenge Competition, which is like a big physical competition with events for tons of different military skills. We compete against all the ROTC programs in the surrounding states.

HC: Where is the coolest place you have ever traveled? What’s your dream destination?
ML: Definitely Africa. It was an awesome experience to be around the Togo military for 30 days. One place that would be really cool to go is Paris.

HC: Okay, now a couple of short questions. What’s your go-to pick-up line?
ML: Um, I don’t really think I have a go-to pick-up line.

HC: (Laughs) That might be a good thing. Favorite off campus spot?
ML: Chipotle because that’s really the only place I go to eat off campus.

HC: Ideal first date?
ML: Maybe I’m kind of boring but I guess just like going to dinner somewhere and then going back home and to watch a movie and hang out.

HC: Favorite workout?
ML: My favorite workout is a CrossFit workout titled “Nasty Girls.” It’s three rounds of 50 air squats, seven muscle-ups and 10 power cleans.

HC: Where do you see yourself in 10 years? Do you see a plan for the rest of your life?
ML: If everything works out like I want it to, I’ll be an officer in the Army Corps of Engineers and hopefully be married.