7 Certified EMT Campus Cuties

Alex Warshauer, A&S,  is a freshman helping to save lives with Eagle EMS.  But what does he do while he’s not busy looking out for his fellow students?  Let’s find out!

The Basics:
School: Boston College
Hometown:  Warren, New Jersey
Major/Minor:  Bio-Chemistry, Pre-Med
Interests:  Music, hiking, skiing, saving lives (EMT)
Campus Activities:  BC Marching Band, Pep Band, Eagle EMS
The Favorites:
TV Show:  Burn Notice
Food:  A toss up between sushi and cheese steaks.
Movie:  The Boondock Saints
Guilty pleasure:  Disney Music
Way to spend a Saturday afternoon:  Hiking
Place you have traveled to:  Spain.  It was an eye-opening experience and the people were really nice. 
Late Night Snack:  Extra butter popcorn.
Sports team:  Philadelphia Eagles
Thing about BC:  The location and the fact that we have good sports teams.
Restaurant in Boston:  The Meritage
Place to Eat at BC:  The Rat because Dorita is the nicest cashier ever. 
BC Sport:  Hockey
Snack:  Trail mix
Drink:  Grape Koolaid
Girl Scout Cookies:  Thin Mints
This or That:
Coffee or Tea?  Tea, hands down
Cake or Brownies?  Definitely a brownie person
Muffin or Bagel?  A Jersey Bagel
Ice Cream or Fro-yo?  Ben and Jerry’s Phish Food
Friday or Saturday?  Friday night
Fondest childhood memory:  I used to ride my cat around
Craziest thing you’ve ever done:  Climbing up Mount Washington barefoot
Biggest pet peeve:  When people don’t answer their phones
Celebrity crush:  Kiera Knightly

What’s your favorite part about being an EMT?
The ability to help people, there is no more tangible way to see the effect you have on people.  Also, the blue lights in my car are pretty cool. 
What made you join the marching band? 
The camaraderie, the group is awesome and I love getting to know them.