The 7 Best Movies About Summer Love

Some of the sweetest love stories start in the carefree months of summer. Why not watch the stories over and over again? Check out our favorite movies about summertime romances

7. 50 First Dates

Set in Hawaii with an uber-tropical soundtrack, 50 First Dates will make you feel like you're on vacation—and make you say "aww." Henry (Adam Sandler) isn't too fond of commitment until he meets Lucy (Drew Barrymore). However, Lucy has one flaw: after a car accident, she was left with short-term memory loss, and she can remember only one day at a time. Henry woos her day after day and finds a way to win her over for good, proving that keeping a relationship alive—no matter how difficult it may seem—is possible if you're determined.

6. Dear John

This Nicholas Sparks drama stars Channing Tatum (swoon!) as John, a sergeant in the Army, and Amanda Seyfriend as Savannah, a conservative college student. The two meet and quickly fall in love, but John has to serve overseas throughout the summer. They keep their long-distance relationship going by writing romantic letters. This tearjerker may inspire you to write a love letter to your long-distance boyfriend or rekindle the flame with an ex.

5. Adventureland

In 1987, recent college grad James (Jesse Eisenberg) starts a summer job at a mediocre amusement park called Adventureland to save up enough money for grad school. While there, he falls in love with Em (Kristen Stewart). With a complicated love triangle and the quirky Adventureland staff—including SNL's Kristen Wiig and Bill Hader—this romance is reminiscent of many collegiettes’ summer job experiences. Perhaps it can offer some inspiration for how to attract that cutie that works with you at your summer job!

4. The Last Song

Like most Nicholas Sparks movies, The Last Song is the perfect mix of super cheesy and make-you-cry-your-eyes-out dramatic. Ronnie (Miley Cyrus), a rebellious teen, spends a summer in a beach town reconnecting with her estranged father. Meanwhile, she starts to fall in love with Liam Hemsworth's character, Will. What's even better is that Miley and Liam started dating in real life while filming this movie. Maybe that's a sign that you'll fall in love after watching it, too!

3. Dirty Dancing

While spending the summer at a family resort, Baby (Jennifer Grey) falls in love with Johnny (Patrick Swayze), a sexy dance instructor. After Johnny’s dance partner is forced to drop out, Baby fills in and, of course, they end up falling in love. Between dance practices in a lake and super hot routines, this movie is a classic summer romance film that proves you sometimes need to break the rules and put your feelings first when it comes to love.

2. The Notebook

Although this classic Nicholas Sparks film takes place over the course of a few years, it starts with a sweet story about summer love. Noah (Ryan Gosling) and Allie (Rachel McAdams) meet at a carnival, and afterwards, despite their class differences, they spend the whole summer together and become nearly inseparable. Then, after years of being apart, Allie has to choose between a man her parents approve of and her first love. It's the ultimate romantic movie!

1. Grease

With a song titled "Summer Nights," there's no way this musical couldn't take the top spot on our list. Even though the movie extends into the school year, the drive-in movies, energetic dancing, and carnival make it feel like a perpetual summer. Through their romance, Danny and Sandy teach us that opposites really do attract.


What are your other favorite movies about summer love? Share them in the comments!