5 Unattractive Girls (& How to Avoid Being Them)

As single collegiettes navigating the dating scene chock full of campus cuties, we can be pretty picky when it comes to the guys we date. We have our mental checklist when it comes to finding Mr. Right and even some drop-dead relationship deal breakers that make us shy away from certain types of guys. But it turns out that guys aren’t so different from us, because they have their own checklist when it comes to finding Ms. Right. We talked to college guys at campuses across the country to find out just exactly what they steer clear of when it comes to girls, and we’ve narrowed it down five unattractive types. No, we don’t mean Ugly Betty types, but rather her posse of more unattractive friends.
The Party Girl

I think many girls are guilty of this: you throw back one too many shots of tequila and one drunken texting conversation later, you find yourself stumbling back to your dorm room–heels in hand–the next morning. Yes, this happens to almost everyone at one point or another when we go a little bit overboard on a Thursday night, but don’t make a habit out of it.
When guys meet the Party Girl, they think she is the life of the party. She’s carefree, maybe even a little wild, and from the outside looks like a person they may be interested in. But things can change quickly in the sobering light of day. Her hilarious antics, sociable personality and killer dance moves are great after 5 p.m., but no one wants to date a girl he needs to be drunk to hang out with.
So what do the guys suggest?

Try to avoid using the campus party scene as your regular hook-up spot (let’s face it, you probably won't find the man of your dreams surrounded by empty Natty Lights). You might have better luck at the campus coffee shop or the park. And if you dohappen to meet that special guy on the dance floor, don’t take things too far that first night. It only goes to show to guys that you are flaky, untrustworthy, or worse: sleazy.
Drake, a senior from the University of Missouri, says it’s hard to have a relationship with The Party Girl, because he never sees her outside of that sticky-frat-floor context. “It might be fun at first,” he says. “But if I’m always going to see you in that party scene – always drunk, hanging all over other guys, all that – I can’t see that girl as trustworthy.”
Jonah, a senior from Boston University sums it up pretty perfectly, “Two words: drunk texts. When you’re texting me at three in the a.m. obviously plastered – that’s not attractive.”
The Arrogant Girl

Every guy likes a smart and savvy collegiette. Who wouldn’t? She can voice her opinion, carry a conversation, and impress his circle of friends in addition to his mom and dad. OK, maybe that's pushing it a bit, but a girl with confidence can be as sexy as anything. But no one likes to date a know-it-all… and that’s where The Arrogant Girl comes in.
For the Arrogant Girl, it's all about her. She’s right about most things (if not everything), puts down those who disagree with her, and in conversation, she uses the word "I" about a million times without even taking a breath.
So what do the guys suggest?

Like we said, there’s nothing in the world sexier to a guy than a girl with confidence. And while you shouldn’t dumb yourself down, being too picky can work against you in dating guys. Keep an open mind when it comes to hearing his opinions. Furthermore, don’t try too hard to improve him. The Arrogant Girl thinks she can help the guy she’s with by trying to make him over, but she only ends up causing more problems for the relationship.
Unfortunately for the Arrogant Girl, arrogance and selfishness are close to being the same thing, according to guys.  “I love girls with confidence,” says Ben, a senior from Skidmore College. “But there's a line between having confidence and being too into yourself.”
Phil, another senior from Skidmore, puts it even more bluntly, “There's nothing less attractive than a girl who thinks she's hot sh*t.”

The Needy Girl

It starts out innocently enough. You’re sitting bored in another lecture and you text your guy a simple, “What’s up?” with a cutesy smiley face. Minutes, then hours go by and he hasn’t responded. You feel the need to call him. Time goes on and you feel the need to call him 10 times a day. When he tells you that he needs some space, or he’s hanging out at the bar with his friends tonight or busy with classes, you send a barrage of sad-face texts and pull a guilt trip on him. You want to completely deny it–but the truth is, you’ve become a Needy Girl.
You’ve heard of Negative Nancy, but the Needy Girl is an even bigger deal breaker for guys. This girl can’t go anywhere or do anything without her boyfriend on her arm. She calls 15 times a day and flies off the handle anytime she can’t get a hold of him. The main problem is that Needy Girl ruins any chance of a guy missing her by smothering him.

So what do the guys suggest?

Acting like a stage-five clinger is never cute. Being loving and genuinely interested in his interests is perfectly adorable, but no one likes a desperate single girl. Calling, texting, or instant messaging him constantly to “say hi” are guaranteed ways to make a guy lose interest in you. As a general rule, try to loosen up by not answering the phone right away or responding to every text instantaneously.
Keith, a junior from Northeastern University, says this is because,“Being needy can translate into not having a life.”
“My best girlfriends have always respected the fact that I need my space,” says Jordan, a sophomore at the New York University. “Sometimes a guy isn't ready to talk about his problems or feelings with you and pressuring him to do so will push him further away.”