4 Ways to Ruin a First Date

While finding your true love in college isn’t necessarily likely, it’s still fun to date and get to know some of the amazing cuties on your campus. But for every happy couple who met in college, there are first dates that didn’t work out, too. We talked to collegiettes and collegents to find out what makes a first date good or bad, so check out our list to make sure your date with that cutie from your Psych class ends on a positive note.

1. Freak out if things don’t go as planned

Nothing will scare a guy off on a first date more than a high-maintenance girl, so if your plans fall through, adapt to the situation at hand.

While this goes for situations like restaurants being closed or movies being sold out, it applies practically, too—if you do something embarrassing, make a joke out of it instead of dwelling on what happened.

“I went on a date with a guy I had been talking to… we were having good conversation,” says Chelsea, a senior at Oklahoma State University. “Considering we had known each other for a bit, we weren’t really nervous. I cut a piece of chicken that was a bit large, but already had it on my fork so I didn't want to put it down and recut it, for sake of manners, so I just ate it. Me, being ungodly accident prone, began choking on it. And when I say choking, like not breathing, thinking I'm going to die choking. Of course the guy, is asking if I am alright and doing the best he can… It did not work out with this guy and I sure hope it is not because of my choking.”  If something unfortunate does happen, just laugh it off and move on, don’t let it put a damper on the entire date

2. Disclose all of your weird habits

While many of us dream of a relationship where we can be completely comfortable and open with our significant other, there’s no need to disclose everything when you first meet him. Once you get to know the guy you’ve been dating, you should be able to open up to tell him the details about what you like and who you are, but when it comes to first dates, be careful of crossing over into the TMI-zone.

“I was hanging out with this guy I thought was really cool, but he told me he collected busts. As in, full-sized busts of historical figures,” says Heather*, a UNC-Chapel Hill senior. “It didn’t change how I felt about him, and I was glad he felt comfortable enough to share that, but it made the conversation a little awkward since we didn’t know each other very well yet.”  Be yourself, but stick to tamer topics the first time around, and let your freakier side come out later.