14 Reasons Why a Puppy is Better Than a Boyfriend

Your ex-boyfriend may have been attractive, but definitely not as adorable as these puppies. The next time boy troubles get you down, don't forget that any puppy would be happy to snuggle with you... and would be a way better boyfriend than your annoying ex or unrequited crush. Here are a few reasons why.

1. Telling him to "sit and stay" is not "demeaning" or "insulting."

2. He can't eat chocolate... so there's more for you.

3. If he hogs the bed, it's okay for you to push him off. He has his own.

4. If you forget his birthday, he'll probably forgive you for it tomorrow.

5. He doesn't find it unmanly to go shoe shopping.

6. He won't send you confusing texts. He doesn't even know how to text!

7. You always know what to get him for your anniversary.

8. He probably won't notice if you don't shave your legs.

9. He knows how to be romantic (like, Lady and the Tramp romantic).

10. When he begs for things, it's really cute.

11. He looks way better in sweaters.

12. He loves Netflix as much as you do.

13. You love his friends!

14. He's always happy to see you, no matter what.

Admit it: boys can be great, but puppies are definitely better.