11 Campus Cuties Who Have a Twin

Name: Michael Polan

School: Quinnipiac

Age: 19

Major: Finance and Economics


Hometown: West Hampton Beach, Long Island

Languages: Basic Spanish

Relationship Status: Single….. and ready to put a ring on it.

Celebrity Crush: Blake Lively

Hobbies: Run, read, play tennis, study and I love to go out

Three words that best describe you: Fun, talkative, and intellectual.

Describe your ideal girl: Blonde, on the tall side, blue eyed, funny and can hold a conversation. Just someone I can be comfortable with.

Your take on pickup lines: Yay or Nay? Nay

So you’re at the bar and you see the girl of dreams, how do you get her attention? Make eye contact from across the room, then proceed to walk over and introduce yourself

Most embarrassing moment at QU: Unknowingly went to work smelling like fish because I spilt tuna on my pants

Ideal date: Dinner and then a trip to the bar

Your opinion of the dating scene at QU? There needs to be a larger dating scene at QU

Describe your three best physical traits: Hair, eyes, feet…I have really nice toes

Favorite genre of music: Alternative

Top three things on your bucket list: Go to Egypt, scuba diving, yacht around the Mediterranean

Favorite sport at QU: Hockey

Fun Facts? I have a twin sister

If you could have any super power, what would it be? X-ray vision

Biggest turn off? Bad teeth

Favorite food? Crispy chicken

What meal would you cook for a girl? Turkey Melt

Number one thing that you are looking forward to this year: Party and bullshit

Sweetest thing you have done for a girl: I piggybacked a girl home once because she was too intoxicated to walk.


This or That????

Corner Deli or Ray and Mikes? Ray and mikes

BAR or Toads? BAR

Dicks or Aunchies? Dicks

Café Q or Ratt?  Ratt (Mondo)

Sperry’s or Toms? Sperry’s

Yoga pants or Jeans? Jeans

If you could chose next weeks campus cutie, who would it be? Chris Lange