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It is finally the day after Thanksgiving and you'll never guess what is standing in my house. A tall forgein object that is green, it smells like pine, and it's beautiful; it is a Christmas tree. Oh, the joy that rushes through my body seeing this sight. I start digging out the lights, the ornaments, and the angel tree topper. Once I am done decorating the tree, I spread my Christmas spirit throughout the rest of the house. It looks like Christmas threw-up everywhere, but I love it!

Imagine the snow is falling outside the frosted windows, mother calls for you; hot cocoa is brewing on the stove along with freshly baked cookies. The time is near sunset and the deer are leaping around the yard. 

Fast forward twenty-three nights of sleep and it is now Christmas Eve. This is the moment that everyone waits for every year, the day before Santa Clause arrives. My Christmas pajamas are laid out on my bed and freshly baked cookies and milk are laid on the table where Santa gets his first impressions of my home. I have spent countless hours decorating for this moment. It is important to make sure everything is immaculate for Santa. 

As I lay my body to rest I hear a jingle downstairs and I know he has finally arrived. I would hate to scare Santa, so I wait until morning. It is finally time to walk down the stairs to my dreams. As I approach the ending step I take in this immaculate moment and I thank myself for my efforts. I know Santa enjoyed my decorations, I received the most beautiful gifts, and for this I am thankful for my Christmas Spirit. 

Mariana Rizzo

Youngstown '23

Hello! My name is Mariana Rizzo. Everyone calls me Mari for short. I am a third-year, Early Childhood Education Major at YSU. I work outside of school along with spending time with close friends and studying. I am super excited to partner with HC this year. I believe that I am able to put out advice that all girls will love to follow. Go guins!
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